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Conscious Breathing Institute

The Conscious Breathing Summit 2022

The Conscious Breathing Summit 2022

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  • In September 2022 Anders Olsson, the Founder of Conscious Breathing, invited his friends from all over the world to share their vast knowledge and tools within their expertise. Almost 250 people from 17 different countries took part.

    The whole event was filmed and now you too can access this valuable knowledge. Below you can see what topics were discussed and presented and read more about each speaker.

    When signing up for the Conscious Breathing Summit Online you will get access to all the speeches and panel discussions as well as pdf:s of their presentations.


  • David Sennerstrand

    Voice coach and actor, CEO & Founder of Snacka Sunt

    How To Speak So That People Listen And Why Breathing Is Key

  • Anders Olsson

    Founder of Conscious Breathing and World-Renowned Breathing Expert

    Expansion from Within with Conscious Breathing

  • Dr. Lewis S. Coleman

    Board-certified American anesthesiologist

    CO2 Friend or Foe? Myth Versus Reality

  • Christina Carlsson

    Movement and Postural Training Therapist

    The Flow Must Go On - Improve Your Lymphatic System

  • Yvonne Kamb

    Medical Yoga and Lymph Massage Therapist

    The Flow Must Go On - Improve Your Lymphatic System

  • Steve Scott

    Inventor of CarboHaler, BodyStream and BreathQI

    The Power of Carbon Dioxide - BodyStream Demonstration

  • Alexandra Kolam

    Personal Trainer, Former International Elite Athlete in Crossfit

    The Power of Carbon Dioxide - BodyStream Demonstration

  • Sebastian Se

    Ultramarathon Coach in Foot & Movement Biomechanics, Part Owner Joe Nimble Sweden

    Feet Freedom For Better Posture and Diaphragmatic Breathing

  • Anders Olsson

    Founder of Conscious Breathing and World-Renowned Breathing Expert

    Benefits of Using the Relaxator, Face Bath and Carbon Dioxide

  • Andy Clower

    Head of Innovation Cognitive FX, Z-Health Performance Master Trainer

    How Breathing Can Affect Brain Function

  • Lotte Paarup

    Physiotherapist and Expert in Breathing Therapy

    Free Up Your Airways in Nose, Throat and Chest

  • Bitten Jonsson

    World-renowned Trainer of Sugar Addiction Counselors

    Addictive Personalities Overdo Everything, Including Overbreathing

  • Johnny Oduya

    2 x Ice Hockey Stanley Cup Champion, Breath guide & Co-founder of Hale

    Breathing, Athletic Performance and Optimum Recovery

  • Susanna Heli

    Physiotherapist, Experienced Birth Expert,
    and Doula

    Give Birth Withour Fear

  • Robin Hallsten

    Sound Healing Therapist

    Sound Healing and Summit Closure

  • Irina Lee - Moderator

    CEO & Founder of Spis deg fri Award Winning Journalist & Best Selling Author

    • Whether we have mental, emotional, or physical challenges, too much activity-breathing is at the center of these challenges. Here you will get the tools and practices that you can use in your day-to-day life, to overcome them.
    • You will learn and understand about the lymphatic system, posture, diaphragm, moving, running, opening up your airways, improving athletic performance and recovery, facial development, cell oxygenation, stress response, emotional blockages and trauma, addictions, voice, and communication, from the viewpoint of Conscious Breathing.
  • Do you feel stressed for no apparent reason? Do you struggle with your health? Would you like to get more out of your training? More energy? Better sleep? No matter what we desire in life, it will be very hard to reach our inner dreams if our nervous system is mainly geared towards survival. These three days will give you simple yet effective knowledge and tools to slow down your breathing and unlock your turbo at will and potentially overcome your health challenges and reach your full potential.

  • Reduce stress and anxiety

  • Increase Fat Burning

  • Boost Your Energy

  • Sleep Better

  • Improved Endurance

  • Experience Less Pain

  • Improve Asthma

  • Straighter Teeth


  • The speakers at the Conscious Breathing Summit are all passionate nerds that want to share their vast knowledge and easy-to-use and effective tools, to inspire you to put yourself in the driver’s seat and take action to improve the quality of your life.

    We do this journey we call life together. Our descisions affect each other. If I am unwell, get drunk and run you over by my car, it may not help much if you have lived a very healthy life. Sharing is caring and with an attitude of helping each other to grow, evolve and heal our traumas and befriend our demons, this creates a win-win for everyone.

    Sharing is Caring – Inspire a Friend

    Change Your Breath – Change Your Life – Change The World 


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