Ever since I was a child I had a desire to make a difference and help people. I loved to read books about Lotta who went to Africa as a nurse and helped the children. I never became a nurse. But I have found other ways to make a difference.

For me, it is important to look at the whole being. To take care of the body, soul and mind. In my view, our feelings greatly affect how our physical body works and feels. And on the other hand, our body affects our mindset and feelings.

I find it educational and interesting to really listen to the people I met. Not only to their words but to how their body’s respond and other signals we all send out unconsciously. I love being a detective of the body and soul.

When tension, pain, and knots dissolve in our body, it is going to have a positive impact on our mind and feelings as well. For a long-term improvement it is important to work with body, soul, emotions, and mind. That is when our being can use its fantastic self-healing ability to the fullest.

With educations at Axelsons GI and Mediyoga institute and 10 years of working in health, I use bioenergy, lymph massage, energy medicine, healing, essential oils, herbs together with therapeutic conversations to adapt the treatment for my clients and students.


USD $75