Do you often feel stressed? Do you want to find peace and focus better? Then the Relaxator is for you!

The Relaxator gives you calmer breathing which gives a calmer brain. It immediately reduces your stress and increases your focus and well-being. The Relaxator is extremely easy to use while being very powerful. It can be used basically anytime and anywhere - at work, in the car, before bed, during training, etc. Try it today and increase your well-being too!

The Relaxator takes you to slow, low, relaxed and rhythmic breathing that:

  • Increases relaxation, focus and mental clarity
  • Balances your nervous system between activity and recovery
  • Opens up your airways in the nose, sinuses, throat and lungs
  • Strengthens your breathing muscles
  • Increases your energy and ability to burn fat
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BodyStream is a revolutionary technology allowing you to experience the healing powers of carbon dioxide from the comfort of your own home.

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Sanna Ehdin

I am really happy with the Relaxator, because it saves me when I work incredibly hard and especially during evening work. I have a tendency to 'forget' to breathe then, and of course that makes me tired and gives me worse sleep.

James Nestor

When I wrote my New York Times bestseller "Breath" I used the Relaxator all the time. So simple, yet so powerful!