The Greatest Health Discovery EVER?

Do You Suffer From One or More of These Limiting Health Problems?

  • Poor sleep – longing to get a good nights sleep
  • Lack of energy and hard to get through the day
  • Struggling to lose weight
  • Little or no sexual ability or sex lust
  • High blood pressure or other heart issues
  • Constantly on the go – hijacked by a racing mind
  • Worry and anxiety prevents you from enjoying life
  • Suffering from aches and pains

Many people do. And yet there are tens of thousands who once had these problems and put an end to them for good. How?

A Health Discovery That Can Have A Dramatic Impact On Your Life!

Iam about to share with you a little known secret I discovered when I was in my early-forties. This secret helped me to put an end to my own suffering and have helped those I’ve been sharing it with for the past seven years. There is a good chance it will help you too, so please read on.

My name is Anders Olsson. Maybe you’ve heard of me, I’m an internationally known health coach from Stockholm, Sweden. But before I became a coach I was a successful businessman. I founded my own IT-company in 1990, importing computers from Taiwan. Fifteen years later, I “had it all.” But my quest for money, “success” and material things had drained me, leaving me exhausted and unfulfilled.

At the time my inner stress was skyrocketing. I went through a divorce and my personal life was anything but good. Worry and anxiety and sudden, unexplainable, burst of irritation and anger became my constant companions. My energy levels dropped and I found it hard to concentrate and stay focused. After years of hard work into the late evenings and nights, no matter how rewarding, had taken it’s toll and I was on the verge of being burnt out. Maybe you’ve had a similar experience too.

Iwas really in the need for a solution to my health issues. After years of searching I came across this great secret when I read a book, totally devoted to this discovery. Upon reading the book it became crystal clear that this was the fundamental key to solve my health problems. I tried….and it worked! Although it didn’t happen over night, I got my life back with loads of energy and ability to enjoy life to the fullest. I started to sleep like a baby and had finally gained access to a powerful tool to shut down my racing mind. And so can you. This is a universal discovery that applies to all human beings.

And The Secret Is…

Tadadadaaa – big drumroll please 🙂 I would now like to share this secret with you. It has helped tens of thousands of people overcome all kinds of health issues. The secret is a proper way of breathing. Yes breathing!

Conscious Breathing is incredible easy to implement into your daily life and it usually gives fast and measurable results. And the best part is that you practically don’t have to do anything – just change your daily breathing habits slightly, and experience all the benefits to be found in an energizing, oxygenating breath.

Conscious Breathing Could Help You Too!
You Can:

  • Calm down a racing mind and get inner peace
  • Sleep like a baby and wake up full of energy
  • Reduce fear, worry, anxiety and conflicts
  • Improve your sexual ability
  • Have more endurance and recover faster from physical activity
  • Perform more with less efforts
  • Be more creative and have better communication skills
  • Lose weight without struggle
  • Have energy to enjoy life to its fullest

Is Conscious Breathing For You?

Take the 2 minute test to find out if Conscious Breathing can help you improve your life.

The Medical Profession Knows About Breathing

When I started to dig deeper into this fascinating world of breathing it turned out that I wasn’t the only one “in the know”. The medical profession confirms my discovery – it is the first thing that is monitored during childbirth, panic attacks, after accidents and surgery. So, why haven’t you heard about it before, you may ask? Probably it is because it’s too easy and simply doesn’t fit our economic system. However, more and more doctors have realized the full healingpower inherited in our breath.

Prof. Konstantin Buteyko

Only 29 years old, professor and Medical Doctor Konstantin Buteyko, suffered from a galloping high blood pressure of 220/120. As a doctor he knew all to well that he will not live more than a year or two if he didn’t find a solution to this problem. He cured himself with this discovery and devoted the remaining 50 years of his life to help tens of thousands of people to get rid of their health problems by teaching them on how to improve their breathing habits.

Dr. John Flutter

Prominent Australian dentist John Flutter discovered the power inherited in our breath some 30 years ago. Dr. Flutter noticed that the corrections he made to his patients were not having a lasting effect. He made this brilliant discovery when he started looking at alternatives to braces and pulling teeth. Dr Flutter, who has lectured in 65 countries all over the world, says:

The single most important thing you can do to improve a child’s health is to establish nasal breathing.

Dr. Andrew Weil

Dr. Andrew Weil is a world-renowned leader and pioneer in the field of integrative medicine, a healing oriented approach to health care that encompasses body, mind and spirit. Dr. Weil, who has sold more than 10 million health books, says:

If I had to limit my advice on healthy living to just one tip, it would be simply to learn how to breathe correctly.

Our Customers LOVE Conscious Breathing!

15 years of terrible anxiety vanished with Conscious Breathing

For 15 years I have experienced terrible anxiety, worry, nervousness, and internal stress. I tried everything to get rid of it, even anti-depressive medication and mindfulness. Then I read your book, and started to follow your advice and examples. The anxiety, internal stress, worry and nervousness all vanished, as if they had never existed.

I have slept more full nights in the past 4 weeks than in the last 30 years!

Since I was twenty I’ve had major sleep problems. I have woken up between five and ten times every night. During the daytime I’ve felt exhausted and have had to struggle through the day hour by hour while at work, and rest when I get home. Since applying Conscious Breathing for a few weeks I have slept through more full nights than I’ve done in the last 30 years. I’m so much more alert and I have more energy both at work and in the evenings. Many thanks!

Life returns by leaps and bounds after many years of illness!

For 20 years I have been plagued with heavy inner stress, low energy, a lot of pain, tense muscles, sleeping difficulties, and stomach problems. About two and a half months ago I came across Conscious Breathing, and I feel so much better since I began to incorporate the simple principles into my every day life. It feels like a miracle!!

Scientific Research Confirms the Power of Your Breath

There is a wealth of research literature that confirms the connection between good breathing and wellbeing, as well as the relationship between impaired breathing and poor health. In my book, The Power of Your Breath, there are more than 120 scientific references. The evidence is undeniable – the worse we breathe, the poorer our health is.

  • Connector.

    Poor lung function - a predictor of mortality

    The 29-year follow-up of the Buffalo Health Study showed that pulmonary function is a long-term predictor of mortality in the general population. – Chest 2000

  • Connector.

    Hyperventilation common among emergency patients

    8,607 patients were measured at one of the larger accident and emergency wards in the US. A whole 45% of patients were hyperventilating (over breathing). – American Journal of Medicine 1974

  • Connector.

    Mouth breathing leads to problems with snoring

    In a study where a group of healthy individuals had their nostrils blocked so that they could only breathe through their mouths during sleep, all the subjects started to snore already the first night. One developed sleep apnea. All the participants also experienced that their quality of sleep had been poor. – Otolaryngology: Head Neck Surgery 1981

  • Connector.

    Reduced lung function increases cardiovascular mortality

    There is strong epidemiologic evidence to indicate that reduced lung function is a marker for cardiovascular mortality independent of age, gender, and smoking history. – Chest 2005

  • Connector.

    Mouth breathing increases water loss

    The study showed that the nose proved to be more effective at retaining water in the body, by 42%, compared to exhaling through the mouth. The study also noted that mouth breathing increased the breathing volume, by 9%. – Rhinology 2006

  • Connector.

    Metabolic syndrome connected to impaired lung function

    In a Taiwanese study, with over 40,000 participants, it was found that metabolic syndrome was significantly higher in people with impaired lung function compared to subjects with normal lung function. – Obesity 2006

Is Conscious Breathing For You?

Take the 2 minute test to find out if Conscious Breathing can help you improve your life.

Correct Breathing Can Change Your Life

Poor breathing habits deprive your body of life sustaining oxygen, which impairs your ability to burn fat, produce energy, think a thought, move a muscle, digest food or fight a bacteria. Fortunately poor breathing patterns can be improved and thereby reverse the negative health effects.

A study on people who have done Conscious Breathing shows that improved breathing habits have a significant positive impact in a variety of different areas, such as reduced stress, better sleep, increased ability to concentrate and more energy.

As you can see 43% experienced a significant improvement relating to sleep, and 35% felt that their energy levels had improved markedly.

Already in 1870, the famous lawyer and painter, George Catlin described the discovery in his fascinating book Shut Your Mouth and Save Your Life. Catlin spent 30 years painting and documenting the Native North American Indians. Thanks to the Indians ancient wisdom he cured himself after having, in his own words:

…suffering, from boyhood to middle age, everything but death from this enervating and unnatural habit of mouth breathing.

Did We Say That Our Customers LOVE Us?

No asthma medication for two months – amazing!!!

Thank you for a revolutionary discovery. Before your course I would use an inhaler between two and five times a day, as well as about two puffs of cortisone spray. As soon as I finished the course, I started employing my newfound knowledge and immediately felt an absolutely incredible improvement!! I will always be grateful. In a way, you have saved my life.

Eleven-year-old got rid of chest pain and could skip pacemaker

Arsal got Verpamil for his racing heart. But the drug had side effects. Four to five times a week he would get severe chest pain that made him cry. The doctor said that because of the side effects of the drug (chest-pain), the dosage could not be increased, so therefore Arsal needed a pacemaker. With Conscious Breathing the pain disappeared already the first day and no pacemaker was needed.

Severe stomach pain gone after ten minutes with Conscious Breathing

On day two of going through bad gastritis, I decided to try Conscious Breathing. The stomach pain was so severe I could not stand straight. I was amazed by how quickly the pain was alleviated. It disappeared completely within ten minutes. I could hardly believe it since the night before I had been in so much pain, without realizing that my relief was to be found in my breath!

Is Conscious Breathing For You?

Take the 2 minute test to find out if Conscious Breathing can help you improve your life.

What Conscious Breathing Can Do For You

Get Rid of Health ProblemsImprove Sports Performance
Resuce Stress And AnxeityAccelerate Personal Growth