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The BodyStream is a system designed to help bathe the entire body (up to the neck) in carbon dioxide gas. Once you’re in the BodyStream suit, at first all the air is vaccum pumped out and then the suit is filled up with 100% carbon dioxide. The CO2 is then absorbed through your skin, which will open up your blood vessels.

Many people report feeling very relaxed and will even fall asleep while using the BodyStream. A parasympathetic deluxe experience.


When we inhale we take in oxygen, which is used to produce energy (ATP) efficiently. In this process of manufacturing energy, which is called metabolism, our body also produces heat, water, and carbon dioxide. The excess carbon dioxide is exhaled. However, if we are stressed, our breathing will increase and we will exhale too much CO2. If we are inactive, our metabolism will decrease, and less CO2 is produced. Combining the two, stress and inactivity, has a double negative effect resulting in lower levels of carbon dioxide in our body.

Since carbon dioxide has many important properties in our body, we may experience health challenges when the CO2 levels go down. One effect of CO2 is that it creates vasodilation, which allows greater blood flow to the cells, which in turn means increased oxygen delivery and improved removal of waste products.

The heart will have to work less hard to pump the blood through your circulatory system, and this will activate the parasympathetic nervous system, which creates a state of relaxation throughout the entire body,

  • Increase in energy

  • Reduced Stress and Anxiety

  • Reduction in cellulite

  • Faster healing of wounds

  • Increased metabolic rate and fat burning

  • Reduction in body pain

  • Increased microcirculation

  • More youthful skin

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The BodyStream improves overall cellular health on all levels so it may be used to improve health and outcome in a wide variety of health conditions. It may be used for skin wound healing or it may be the soft tissue, or even the joint.

Carbon dioxide baths have been known to reduce body pain, increase metabolic rate and fat burning, increase in energy and for firming, softer and more youthful looking skin. Even if you have no health issues currently you can use it to take your health to the next level, have more energy, recover from fatigue faster and increase your overall vitality.

Exposing the body to carbon dioxide, increases oxygen delivery to
muscles, organs, brain, and more; it dilates arteries to increase blood flow, helps dissolve more fat, and is a powerful treatment for dozens of


    • Low energy
    • Sleeping problems
    • Pain and inflammation
    • Poor circulation
    • Weight loss
    • Swelling and lymphatic problems

    • Stress
    • Anxiety, anger
    • Addictions
    • Cravings

    • Enhance performance
    • Faster recovery
    • Muscle soreness
    • Injury repair



When I saw myself in the mirror I nearly fainted! The bags under my eyes were GONE! And my legs, that seem to have crocodile skin, after the BodyStream CO2 Bath now feels soft and supple, almost like a baby’s bottom.

Victoria Heaps
47, Stockholm


In the morning I cried like a baby with the worst period cramps I’ve had. I was cramping pretty badly throughout the day. Later that evening I took my first BodyStream CO2 bath and after 5-10 minutes all my cramps went away. Normally I also bleed pretty bad, but this time I had much less bleeding than normal. And instead of 7-8 days my period only lasted 5 days. THIS IS THE BEST PERIOD I’VE EVER HAD!

Maria Atlee


What in the world is it that you have created???! This is probably the coolest thing I’ve ever tried. I felt high, invincible and immune to negative thoughts for 12 hours after the BodyStream therapy! I don’t think I’ve ever been this happy. My knee felt fantastic and I could run for the first time in a year. I was so happy that I was about to cry. It has been so bad that for about four months now I haven’t even been able to go for a short walk. Every step has been painful.

Alexandra Kolam
personal trainer, massage therapist


I have tried the BodyStream carbon dioxide bath more than 20 times and I really like the effect! I get more energy and an inner peace that allows me to concentrate better. When I train, I get a lower heart rate, less lactic acid, faster recovery and better performance. All of this is invaluable in my profession as a Rally Driver. Everyone should try the carbon dioxide bath and discover the benefits!

Emil Lindholm
Rally Driver


The CO2 suit has proven to be very beneficial in terms of a feeling of relaxation and calmness. I used it initially with my motocross rider 3 times and he was able to participate in his championship a week earlier than expected without any adverse reactions, which was incredible considering he was only 3 weeks post injury (fractured ribs, scapula and wrist). I have used it more recently with stressed patients and they have reported a great feeling of calmness. Currently i am using it with a client suffering from fibrosis of the lung – alongside breathing techniques – to try and increase his aerobic capacity.

Alex Dalton
Axholme Physiotherapy


Definitely an exciting and interesting experience. I tried BodyStream twice. Both times I experienced a very strong mental impact, a feeling of entering a dream world. Almost like beyond time and space. A meditative state of just being. I think my nervous system was able to relax and get a break. Physically, there was a feeling of weightlessness, almost as if I was floating. Very pleasant. I have had back pain for a long time due to an inflamed disc, after the first treatment the pain was completely gone. Unfortunately, the result did not last more than a couple of days. But clearly a strong physical and mental impact.

Viktor Khaled Frih​
massage-therapist and yoga-instructor

  • Our BodyStream carbon dioxide dry bath is very easy to use. After putting on the suit you first vacuum out all the air and then fill the suit with carbon dioxide to the desired fullness and pressure. It’s built with a neck seal and an airtight zipper to allow you to easily get into the suit, while retaining all of the CO2, ensuring that it’s at 100%.

    The BodyStream is a convenient way to cover your entire body with CO2 from your feet all the way to your neck, including your arms and hands. The CO2 dry bath allows carbon dioxide to be delivered into the body through the skin (carbon dioxide is easily absorbed through the skin).



The BodyStream comes We have If you are having multiple people use the BodyStream such as in your family or in a clinic it’s best to use a large or purchase both medium and large. A small person can fit into the large suit, but it will just use up more CO2 in the session. It’s better to be too large than too small. However if you are the only person use the suit, go with the size closer to your body size as you will be able to be more mobile and it will use up less CO2. The differences in CO2 utilization between the two size suits are very significant. 

  • BodyStream suit

    BodyStream therapy suit for taking your CO2 baths

  • Suitcase

    Holds all of the equipment

  • BodyStream Bag

    To store and transport your
    BodyStream Suit

  • Regulator

    Attaches to your CO2 tank with coiled tubing to attach to your inflation gun

  • Inflation Gun

    Connects to the BodyStream suit to inflate with CO2 gas from the regulator.

  • Vacuum Pump

    Vacuums out air before filling with CO2 to make sure your bath is filled with only CO2

  • Regulator Wrench

    Used to connect your regulator to the CO2 tank

  • Sleep Mask

    To help you relax during the BodyStream session blocking light stimulus from entering your eyes


Can I experience cleansing symptoms?

With any powerful therapy an individual can experience a cleansing reaction. A lot of people are stressed in life so are running off of stress hormones to generate energy. The Body Stream can help reduce stress hormones and allow you to relax more fully. This initially can make you feel more tired as you are no longer running on those stress hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline.

Is it only effective for those with health issues?

Body Stream is often used by those who are healthy and want to be healthier, have more energy, increase vitality and maintain youthfulness.

How long is a treatment?

Normally it is between 30 minutes to 1 hour for treatment, done 3 times per week. If you have an injury or would like to accelerate the benefits you can do it daily.

Does BodyStream cure or treat disease or illnesses?

The BodyStream has not been approved to treat or cure any disease or illness by the FDA or any other organization.

The BodyStream is a tool to improve general wellness and is not to be used for any disease or illness. Please consult with a qualified doctor if you need medical help.

What Size Shall I Choose

The BodyStream Suit comes in two sizes, Medium and Large. Typically a person up to 183 cm (6 feet, 0 inches) will fit the Medium suit and a person up to 203 cm (6 feet, 8 inches) will fit in the Large suit. However, weight and the level of flexibility also needs to be considered.

The neck seal on the suit is suitable for people with a neck circumference from . For larger necks, the neck seal can be trimmed in order to fit. If several people will use the suit We have If you are having multiple people use the BodyStream such as in your family or in a clinic it’s best to use a large or purchase both medium and large. A small person can fit into the large suit, but it will just use up more CO2 in the session. It’s better to be too large than too small. However if you are the only person use the suit, go with the size closer to your body size as you will be able to be more mobile and it will use up less CO2. The differences in CO2 utilization between the two size suits are very significant.