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Currently we have 4-5 weeks delivery time for all CarboHaler orders! We apologize for the inconvenience. Please feel free to place your order and we will deliver your order as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience and understanding!

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  • The CarboHaler is a device that adds extra carbon dioxide to the air you inhale while at the same time reduce the amount of oxygen you inhale. But wait a minute. When it comes to breathing, oxygen is the good guy and carbon dioxide is the bad guy, right!? So why add extra CO2 and reduce oxygen in the air you inhale?

    Well, even though we are very dependant onoxygen, it'sall about balance. Your car doesn’t go better if you give it more fuel. Too much is just as bad as getting too little fuel. Your car needs the right amount of fuel, which will differ depending on how fast you drive. It is exactly the same with our breathing. Your intake of oxygen and exhale of carbon dioxide should match your metabolic demand.

    So if you want to increase your body's gas mileage and improve your oxygen efficiency - boosting carbon dioxide and restricting oxygen is the way to go.

Some Days I Felt Almost Invincible

"I used the CarboHaler to inhale extra carbon dioxide on my ski vacation, and experienced a substansial boost of energy and endurance. Some days I felt almost invincible!

During the five days, not only did I do 11 hours of cross-country skiing, I also did 3-4 hours of downhill skiing every day, cooked dinner for eight people two times, socialized with my friends and family, as well as worked, with quite a lot of meetings, emails, and calls.

Recently I managed to do 74 pushups (real ones). Before I started using the CarboHaler I couldn't reach 50."

Anders Olsson

  • Reduce Mental Stress

  • Slow Down Your Breathing

  • Heal Emotional Wounds

  • Open Up Your Blood Vessels

  • Increase Muscle Strength

  • More Blood To Your Brain

  • Faster Recovery

  • Open Up Your Airways

  • Our stressful society, with tons of stimuli bombarding our brain every day, makes us breathe faster, thus lowering the CO2. Combine this stress with inactivity, that reduces the production of CO2 in our body, and eating junk food with low pH, which also makes us breathe faster to restore pH balance, well then, we have a good description of the lifestyle of many modern men. So why are the levels of CO2 in our body important? Well, despite what we may think, it is not lack of oxygen that makes us take the next breath, it is the build-up of CO2 in our body.

    When we are stressed, inactive, and/or eat junk food, our respiratory center in the brainstem will adapt to the new situation where it lowers the tolerance for carbon dioxide before the next breath is initiated. When we have low tolerance for CO2 it means that we are breathing faster, which is the hallmark of stress and makes us locked in a continuous state of stress.

Fully Recovered From Covid Within a Couple of Days

"I had covid pretty bad but thanks to the Carbohaler I could recover really fast. I had problems breathing and I couldn’t talk as my throat was inflamed. Apart from the high fever and extreme tiredness I also had a lot of dry cough. When I started using the Carbohaler it had a huge impact. My oxygen levels immediately stabilized at around 99% and my cough disappeared. Within a couple of days I was fully recovered."

Anthony Perera
Engineer, Sri Lanka

  • We all know how important oxygen is for our survival, as we die within minutes if we stop breathing. However, many people are overbreathing, which means that they inhale more oxygen than they consume. This is a severe problem as too much oxygen is toxic. The only possible reason why we store so extremely little oxygen in our body, compared to for example water, fat, and carbohydrates is because of its toxicity.

    Oxygen is extremely reactive and easily forms free radicals which increases the oxidative stress in our body and drives inflammations, which is generally considered to lower our lifespan. Oxidation is what happens when the apple turns brown after you take a bite and expose it to oxygen. That's why we wrap plastics around food, to protect it from oxygen. A recent study found that mice in an oxygen-restricted environment lived about 50% longer than those in normal oxygen levels:Reduced Oxygen Intake Linked to Extended Lifespan >>

    In this article you can read more about how improving the balance between oxygen (restriction) and carbon dioxide (increasing) is a common feature amongst animals that have a long life expectancy:Breathe Less and Live Longer >>

I Feel a Significant Increase in Post Run Euphoria

“When I do my 6 km run, with 750 meters elevation, I stop five times and do as many pushups as I can. Normally I can do around 110-115. I’ve tried twice after using the CarboHaler and both times I was able to do 165. That is a 45-50% increase!

Another exercise I do, usually takes around 1hr 20 min. After the CarboHaler I did it in 58 minutes. I feel a significant increase in post run euphoria, which is probably the most significant of all changes.”

Dr. Mark Allen, Neuroscientist
Co-Founder Cognitive FX

  • What is the fundamental difference between a state of deep relaxation and meditation versus being totally stressed out and having a panic atack? Well, it is not sleep, food, or exercise. It is breathing. The relaxed person is breathing low, slow, and rhythmically while the stressed-out person is breathing fast, big, shallow, and chaotic. In deep relaxation the slow breathing leads to restriction in oxygen intake and more CO2 being retained, while the opposite is true for stress and panic.

    If you have a panic attack, which can be considered the ultimate stress, and come to the hospital, you will get a bag to breathe in and out through. The reason why bag breathing works is because you will inhale less oxygen and re-breathe some of the carbon dioxide you just exhaled (the air we breathe out contains about 100 times more carbon dioxide than the air we breathe in). In a study done by Dr. Alicia Meuret, where 43 subjects underwent repeated 24-hour monitoring of respiration and heart-rate, showed that up to 50 minutes before a panic attack the subjects started to breathe faster.

Up to 50 minutes before the subjects experienced a panic attack there were small subtle changes in breathing frequency and pulse, which increased, and CO2, which decreased.

– Dr. Alicia Meuret

I Was So Much Fitter After The CarboHaler

”I love to exercise at the gym and ran marathons. Normally I can do about 10 push-ups. After my first session with the CarboHaler I could do 24 and after the second session I could do as many as 30! A few hours after the second session I ran 5k on the treadmill and finished off with a one minute sprint. I was so much fitter!!!!! AMAZING.”

Davinia Taylor
2X #1 Sunday Times Bestseller

  • In their pioneering work from 1946, Kety and Schmidt demonstrated that cerebral blood flow is directly related to the carbon dioxide pressure in the blood. Lower levels of CO2 constrict the blood vessels and therefore less blood is delivered to the brain. That is why hyperventilation is used in brain surgery to shrink the brain and give room for surgical instruments, as well as reduce the risk of bleeding. Even though it may be a good thing in brain surgery, a smaller brain is hardly what none of us want in our daily lives.

    This study showed that inhaling 5% carbon dioxide for 6 minutes increased the cerebral blood flow by 54.5%. However, the cerebral metabolic rate of oxygen (CMRO2) decreased by 13.4%, in other words the brain activity was reduced. At first glance the decreased brain activity may seem like something unwanted, but it all makes sense since oxygen is activating, and CO2 is calming. When we restore the balance between oxygen and carbon dioxide we can find the balance between too little brain activity and too much.

Significant BOLT score Increase In Just Two Weeks

"I’ve been using the CarboHaler every day for 3 months, two minutes each time. After about two weeks I realized that my brain adapted to the increased intake of CO2 and my BOLT score (Body Oxygen Level Test) has increased from below 20 to over 30. My brain is calmer, especially during stressful situations and I can stay focused longer."

Lars Leinhard
Neuro Athletic Training

Significant Improvements On Airways And Sleep With CarboHaler

"My dear brother Kamod was electrocuted and his heart stopped for 15 minutes. He is in a coma and 30-40 times per day his oxygen levels goes below 92% because of mucus in the airways.

We have to use a device to suck out the mucus. The problems lasted for 7 months, until we had him use the CarboHaler for 3 minutes per day.

After a few weeks his oxygen levels only goes below 92%, 1-2 times per day. The Warfarin drug (blood thinner) could be reduced from 4 mg/day to 1.5 mg, and his need for sleep went down from 18 hours to only 10 hours per day. Quite a difference!"

Chameera Subasinghe
Brother Of Kamod, Sri Lanka

  • Why do people get stronger and fitter when using the CarboHaler? When the nervous system decides whether we are safe or not to do a certain activity, the decision is based upon the available energy. Holding on to fear, worry and stress cost a lot of energy, and inhaling a little extra CO2 can help us reduce the stress and thereby release our breaks. Let’s examine how.

    In an interesting study the subjects watched a short movie about environmental disasters involving scenes from sick and dying animals, which were very upsetting. One group was instructed to hold back their emotions while the control group received no instructions on emotion regulation. Those who held back their emotions were significantly weaker than the control group those who had stayed in touch with them. In other words, we are leaking energy when we are holding back what we really believe, think and feel.

    Our nose and olfactory system links directly into the amygdala, which is our main fear center. You can read more about in this groundbreaking study from 2016 by Prof Christina Zelana et. al – Rhythm of breathing affects memory and fear >>

    Our amygdala is very sensitive to changes in CO2, and when we use the CarboHaler it gets exposed to more CO2. This enables us to upgrade some of our amygdalas unnecessary red coded survival programs into green coded safe and secure programs, and subsequently there is more energy available for physical activity, or any bodily function.


  • Size: 208 width x 51 height x 143 length
  • Power: Battery operated (4 hours)
  • CO2 levels: 0.5 - 8%
  • Session time: 1 – 10 min


  • CarboHaler CO2 mixer
  • CO2 Regulator w. adapters for SodaStream cylinders
  • 2 x Breathing mask
  • Product case
  • CO2 tank NOT included
  • “Five percent CO₂ has a fast and potent anticonvulsant action. The present data suggest that medical carbogen with 5% CO₂ can be used for acute treatment to suppress seizures in epilepsy patients.”

Currently we have 4-5 weeks delivery time for all CarboHaler orders!
We apologize for the inconvenience. Please feel free to place your order and we will deliver your order as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience and understanding!

Frequently asked Questions

Is There A Carbon Dioxide Gas Tank Included?

No, there is no CO2 gas tank included when you purchase the CarboHaler. You have to get your own CO2 gas tank. The quality shall be food or beverage grade, which you can get from any local welding supply store. Most restaurants, gas stations, movie theaters, etc. who serves carbonated beverages, also get their CO2 tanks from local suppliers.

In many countries, the local suppliers are resellers of CO2 gas tanks from companies like AirLiquide and Linde (former AGA), and you can either purchase or lease the tanks.

How Long Is A Session? How Much CO2 Shall I Inhale?

Normally a session is between 2 to 5 minutes, once per day. You can set the amount of CO2 that is delivered from 0% to 8%. We recommend that you set the CarboHaler to deliver anywhere between 2% to 5%.

However, these are just general guidelines and can vary quite a bit from person to person, depending on the health status, breathing habits, lung function, stress levels, and unhealed emotional wounds.

The amount of CO2 in atmospheric air is typically 0.04%, so inhaling 2% CO2 is 50 times more than normal and inhaling 8% CO2 (the maxium amount that the CarboHaler allows) is 200 times more than you would normally inhale.

What CO2 Gas Tank Size Do I Need?

If you set the CarboHaler to deliver 4% of carbon dioxide, you will consume about 4-5 gram per minute.

A CO2 gas tank with the size of 4 kg gives about 200 4-minute sessions with 4% CO2.

A SodaStream cylinder with the standard size of 425 gram gives about 25 4-minute sessions with 4% CO2.

If you set the CarboHaler to deliver 2% of carbon dioxide, you will consume about 2-2.5 gram per minute. If you do 3-minute sessions, with a 4 kg CO2 gas tank, it will give you about 500 sessions. A SodaStream cylinder will give you about 50-60 sessions.

Do I Inhale Less Oxygen When Using The CarboHaler?

Yes. Normally the air we inhale contains 78% nitrogen, 21% oxygen, 0.04% carbon dioxide and some other gases in very small quantities.

If we set the CarboHaler to give us 4% CO2, it effectively means that we are restricting the amount of oxygen we inhale to about 20.1%. If we inhale 8% CO2, the oxygen we inhale drops to about 19.3%.

Can I Connect The CarboHaler To A SodaStream Cylinder?

Yes you can. Both SodaStream regular cylinders and Quick Connect cylinders.

Can CarboHaler Be Used If The Lung Function Is Reduced?

Yes, the CarboHaler can be used if the lung function is reduced. As carbon dioxide has a relaxing effect on the smooth muscles surrounding the airways, adding a little extra CO2 to the air we inhale, can help open up the airways.

Can My BOLT Score Increase With The CarboHaler?

Yes, using the CarboHaler regularly could improve your BOLT-score (Body Oxygen Level Test). We recently got a testimonial from a person using the CarboHaler who reported that his BOLT-score increased from less than 20 seconds to over 30 seconds in a couple of weeks, who used the CarboHaler for two minuets every day at around 4%.