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TEST #1 – Breathing and Health Index

Learn more about your current breathing habits by answering the 20 questions in the Breathing and Health Index Questionnaire below. These questions will help you assess your own breathing and become aware of how well your airways work. Blocked airways, over-breathing, and irregular breathing, are all factors that can cause seemingly unrelated health problems. Hence, there are questions relating to health issues such as stomach problems, for example.

The questionnaire is divided into two parts. Question 1-10 constitutes part I and is about your health - physical, mental, and emotional. Part II consists of question 11-20 and is related to your breathing habits.

After answering the 20 questions you'll get a summary of your total score. Please note that if you want to get tips on how to interpret the results, you'll have to enter your email.

Choose the option that best describes your current health status. All questions refer to the past month.

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