Susanna Heli is a mother of two, an experienced birth expert, physiotherapist and doula. With over twenty years experience giving
emotional support to women and their partners during birth she shares her most effective tools to help you avoid stress and fear during labour and birth in her book and method “Give Birth Without Fear” (Föda Utan Rädsla).

Susanna gives lectures and educates midwives in universities and hospitals and runs birth preparation classes for mothers and their partners. She writes articles for magazines and midwifery books, and trains doulas and instructors in confident birth.

Focusing on the essential principles of Breathing, Relaxation, The Voice and The Mind she steers you towards feelings of trust and safety, which are key 

to unlocking your birthing physiology. With fear no longer the focus, your energy is restored; by accessing this power you’ll be able to give birth to your baby. She also offers practical advice and hands-on training for
birthing partners.

Susanna is a leading proponent of the Birth Without Fear Method, and is dedicated to providing emotionally safe births for all women. Her compassionate approach will help the woman whether she give birth vaginally, by assisted birth or by caesarean section, whether she has chosen pain relief or not, and can help to navigate even the most complicated birth, in hospital or at home. Above all, she seeks to empower women.

Your body has the innate ability to give birth, a knowledge that has evolved through thousands of years of evolution. Despite modern Western maternity care being the best in the world, many working within it agree that fear of childbirth amongst women is rising. This fear can influence the birthing process in a negative way.

Something fundamental has been lost as our medical and technical expertise has improved. And women are losing out as a result.

Our emotions talk to our body all the time. By just adjusting our breathing patterns we can activate a different kind of emotion.


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