I want to start with a confession. I have always enjoyed working with people but my interest in health and exercise was once minimal. Before I worked with finance and loved my job and free time. My concern for my body was at that point something that should just work. Then I was burned out and got an autoimmune rheumatic disease, it turned my then life upside down. From being happy and alert, I felt like a shadow of myself and could no longer work well or be social.

I decided to find out how I could get well. When you are in pain, you become very motivated to find a solution. This motivation led me to quit my job, sell my apartment and start investing in different educations. I learned many different therapies. They all gave me something, but I fell in love with the 

basics of postural training, movement training and kinesiology. Together they were a fantastic combination for me. Later, I also grew interest in the energetic field, lymphatic system and how the fascia works. One thing I always liked to understand is how it is all connected and se the patterns.

I have many other therapies to thank for my health today. Without looking at my inner development, and different ways of balancing the body’s biochemistry, it would never have happened. The road to recovery was anything but straightforward but very instructive. I have experienced things I never thought existed and met many incredible inspiring and amazing people on the way. This inspired me to work with what I do today.

I see it as we live with different degrees of health and depending on what we do, we change on the scale. Our body is constantly changing and tells us, if we choose to listen, if it likes what we do or not. When we do something that it does not like for long periods, it starts to call out. If we give it what it wants, it thanks us with good energy and light steps.

I believe it is important that we get tools to deal with life’s ups and downs. That we learn to listen to the body and take care of ourselves. As we learn to understand ourselves better, we can create a sustainable lifestyle both physically, emotionally, and mentally. By having access to tools that helps us, we have a better opportunity for self-healing.


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