After working on it for over 20 years, anesthesiologist Dr. Lewis S. Coleman has uncovered the Mammalian Stress Mechanism originally proposed by Hans Selye, explaining how the relationship between illnesses and the environment stress us, and how our bodies naturally respond by repairing us and making us whole again. This Unified Theory of Medicine and Biology explains how treatments that restore normal stress mechanism activity can cure disease and save lives. This is the zenith of 20th century science and the most important advance in the history of medicine and biology for the 21st century.

Lewis S. Coleman is a board-certified American anesthesiologist who completed his BS degree in biology at the Ohio State University, obtained 

his MD degree from New York Medical College, and completed his surgical internship and anesthesiology residency at UCLA, followed by 40 years in private practice. Coleman’s basic sciences instruction at NYMC miraculously coincided with the two-year sojourn of Dr. Johannes Rhodin, who was retained by the school to reform its curriculum. Dr. Rhodin was a famous researcher and expert on the stress theory of Hans Selye. His lectures devastated the dogma of conventional physiology and convinced Coleman that stress theory represented the future of medicine. Many years later, these lectures enabled Coleman to identify Selye’s long-sought stress mechanism. More information is available on the author’s website www.stressmechanism.com

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