Bitten Jonsson is a world-renowned trainer of Sugar Addiction Counselors, with nearly 40 years of experience in addiction medicine and treatment. Based in Sweden, Bitten is a registered nurse, addiction specialist and authorized provider of SUGAR® / ADDIS® diagnostic assessments and training. Her expertise spans the full range of addiction screening and diagnostic assessment to relapse prevention, long-term recovery, holistic addiction medicine, and comprehensive training for professionals. Bitten’s signature training courses include:

– Bitten holds the license to train and certify students in SUGAR®, the first diagnostic tool specifically dedicated to assessing addiction/ pathological use of sugar, flour and processed food. 

SUGAR® stands for Sugar Use General Assessment Recording. This simple tool transforms people’s lives and creates a profitable new revenue source for food addiction professionals.

– Holistic Medicine for Addiction Training® (HMA®) is an online course which integrates multiple addiction treatment paradigms necessary to see and understand the “big picture” of addiction. It prepares professionals to treat their clients as whole people while addressing all aspects of their disease. HMA® covers topics of Traditional Medicine, Neuroscience-Based Addiction Medicine, Metabolic Medicine, Low Carb High Fat / Keto Eating Patterns, Integrative / Orthomolecular Medicine, Relapse Prevention, Support groups and more.

Addicts are very stressed and overdo everything, including overbreathe


USD $75