Lotte Paarup is a physiotherapist and expert in Breathing Therapy. Lotte works with the Optimal Rhythmic 3-dimensional Breath.

Lotte’s Breathwork is about the breath in you, the movements around the breath, and how you can optimize this from scratch. To be able to live and breathe. To optimize your breath, to be able to breathe through every single task in life.

Lotte’s work is not about controlling performance and achieving a number, or a specific goal. Her approach to breathing is very concrete and forms the basis for you to work further in more advanced breathing techniques.

So opening the breath and freeing up your airways is her specialty. She uses simple exercises, that addresses the tissue, the fascia, the nervous system and Vagus nerve. She works in a lot of different ways on the floor, on chairs etc, and with or without equipment.

Lottes background is a former Handball Player, Fitness Trainer, and after being a Physiotherapist in 1998 she started the travel around exercise and therapy. Now since the last 12 years she worked with the breath as the main topic. Her work is well known in Denmark, and she has been doing books, DVD’s, and online programs about breathing.

Since 2020 she started her own Breath School for professionals.


USD $75