Steve Scott is an inventor, entrepreneur and health enthusiast. He is the inventor of BodyStream, Carbohaler and BreathQI. In 2001 he started his first online business providing financial consulting services. In 2005 he started a software company called IntelliResponse, where they created software products for online marketers. In 2007 he launched a product for Google Adwords which sold for nearly a million USD in sales in the first couple of hours of opening sales. Following that success he created another product for advertisers, which was launched in 2009 and grossed over four million in sales during the first 5 days of debuting the product.

Health and wellness has always been an important interest of his. He has a degree in psychology and went for his Masters in psychotherapy, so he 

understands how emotions and stress profoundly affect our physiology and therefore our health and wellbeing. When he learned about the power of breath to reduce stress and optimize one’s physiology he started creating products to make it easier for people to get better results.

When Steve Scott learned of Conscious Breathing in 2017, he knew the work Anders Olsson had started has the potential to help improve the health and change the lives of million of people around the world. Breathwork has the power to reduce stress and optimize one’s physiology It is that time when Anders Olsson and Steve Scott decided to collaborate to create new products and make this vision a reality. In 2018 he helped facilitate the now famous Stanford study, featured in James Nestor’s Breath, that Anders and James participated in.


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