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Three to four Conscious Breaths and my pain is gone

My childhood was traumatic and I’ve had a lot of help to sort it out. I felt pretty much done with it when something new happened in my life, and I started to experience a lot of aches and pains in my body, especially my hip. I could hardly sit or walk, and after only fifty meters it would become too painful and I would have to stop. Rolfing and other types of deep massage helped me a lot. My therapists pointed out that I was breathing incorrectly and that I had to improve it. Breathe with your stomach, I was told. Sure, but it was easier said than done.

In the spring of 2012 I could go for walks again, which was fantastic, but I still had cramp like pains in my back and hip. I struggled with my breathing, trying to get it right, until one day in the summer when I finally felt that I ”connected” with my belly breathing!!

Shortly afterwards I read an article about Conscious Breathing in a magazine. I ordered the book Conscious Breathing, the Relaxator, and the Sleep Tape and signed up for the next Conscous Breathing Instructor Course to be held in September of 2012.

Three to fours conscious breaths and my pain is gone

Ever since, I’ve been breathing consciously! Nowadays, whenever the pain starts to make itself known, I take three to four conscious breaths, which is enough for it to go away. It is magical!! In the spring and the summer of 2012 I had two rounds of pneumonia and sinusitis.

Another bout was on its way during the breathing course in September, but it merely developed into a tough cold. So, I bet you can imagine that I went through a hard time, but believe me how wonderful it is that I’ve felt well for a whole year now and haven’t been coughing at all for a full year!!! And I have almost no aches and pains!!

Now I’m giving my own courses in Conscious Breathing and meditation, through my job. I have started to workout at the gym–just starting to exercise is almost magical for me. During the summer of 2013 my husband and I were trekking in Norway for a whole week.

Every morning I take my 45-minute walk and 90% of the time I breathe consciously, in and out through my nose while counting my steps, and take two steps on inhalation and four to five steps on exhalation.

I have a new youth ahead of me

I am so happy, it’s like I’ve gotten a new life. I have a new youth ahead of me ? Since I’ve reached my first goal with Conscious Breathing, almost pain free, I’ve set a new goal–to loose unnecessary weight.

I’m sure you’ve heard similar stories before, but it is really amazing!!! I think I shall make a banner and walk around with it in the city – YES TO CONSCIOUS BREATHING!!

Nina Skoland
56, therapist, Ystad, Sweden