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The Relaxator creates inner harmony, presence and good health

I have lived a typical high-performance life with high ambitions, and lots of pressure and stress. For me, like so many others, the problems with stress have had both internal and external causes. Even if stress-related troubles are often connected to the demands of a career, they also mirror the individual’s whole lifestyle. Since approximately six years ago, I have put in a lot of effort to solve these problems.

Today I am, comparatively speaking, quite experienced in working with meditation and meditation-based breathing training, which has given me incredibly positive effects in the form of inner security, personal maturity, improved close relationships and general presence and quality of life.

I have also been through a long, comprehensive journey of psychotherapy, which has contributed to improving my self-awareness and my approach to life, other people, and myself, in strengths as well as weaknesses.

Better sleep, increasing calm,braver and more spontaneous

My strong interest in personal development led to my stumbling onto the Relaxator. Three months ago, I took a chance and bought the breathing retrainer and the book about Conscious Breathing.

I quickly realized in the first sessions that my breathing was deepened with the help of the breathing retrainer. Very soon, the results came in the form of better sleep, increased calm, more spontaneity, and increased trust and confidence regarding life’s challenges.

I want to be clear about the fact that all my previous work was decidedly important. I also feel certain that the self-awareness I gained through meditation and therapy has helped me discover the benefits of the Relaxator.

It is, however, in all circumstances, remarkably positive that a product that is so simple to use can have such a powerful positive effect, from the first use, and then over a longer period of training!

I’m longing to train with the Relaxator

To train with the Relaxator is now something that I yearn for, which has made it into an self-evident daily practice. I can see that after three months of use, I have become better at winding down once I’m pumped up, and naturally I sometimes use the Relaxator as a help in that regard.

Furthermore, it is excellent to use right before falling asleep, as it helps you create a deep and harmonic drowsiness that very pleasantly shifts to natural sleep. To me, however, the most important thing is the regular use for about an hour a day, which I do without any purpose except that the exercise creates a valuable contact with my breathing and my inner peace.

Over time, this training gives a striking security, spontaneity, and resilient power which largely remains when life’s difficulties make themselves known.

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