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Conscious Breathing Instructor Course

Conscious Breathing Instructor Course

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The Conscious Breathing Instructor Course is an online course that covers the complete ABC of breathing, providing a deep understanding of the great impact our breathing has on every aspect of our lives – body, mind, emotions, and spiritually.

Topics we go through thoroughly include:
– Understanding the difference between good and poor breathing habits
– Effective and easy-to-use tools to improve one’s breathing
– How the way people breathe affects their health – sleep, stress, fear, harmony, energy, exercise, airways, brain. heart, pH-balance, and so on.
– How improved breathing habits lead to personal growth and better athletic performance.

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  • A Conscious breath strengthens our inner core and makes us grow as human beings. When we breathe more and more of the 1,000 breaths we take each hour in a good way, we increase our energy, reduce stress and fear, enhance our inner calmness, improve our health, and find our life more purposeful. Many report feeling more confident in their professional life and better at communicating and both understanding others as well as making ourselves understood. We also become more present as parents. When doing  physical activity we increase our endurance and recover faster.

    In this article you can read feedback from previous course participants – Fantastic response on the Conscious Breathing Instructor Course

  • This Course is intended for those who wish to help others improve their health, as well as those seeking to improve their own well-being. For those in the medical, healthcare, and fitness professions, the Conscious Breathing Instructor Course offers a powerful tool that augments your ability to help your clients.

    Sign up for the Conscious Breathing Instructor Course and be a part of our mission to spread health and harmony around the world by inspiring people to improve the way they breathe.

    • Instructor: Anders Olsson. You can find more info about Anders here
    • Start date: You can start the course whenever you like.
    • Course structure: The Course comprises four modules divided into twelve 2-hour lessons, making a total of 24 hours of instructions. The lessons are recorded which means you can choose to watch them at any time and at a pace that suits you. We have found that watching one lesson every two weeks is a pace that suit many participants.
    • Homework: Homework is provided after each lesson, adding approximately another 30-50 hours in total, depending upon your level of ambition.
    • Course portal: Each lesson is available for viewing in the course portal. The course participant have access to the recordings until 24 months after the first course lesson. If you need extra time, just drop us an e-mail and we can extend the access after the 24 months have passed. The recordings can be watched as many times as you like, which is a perfect way to repeat the information we go through.
    • Live Q & A Webinar: Four times per year Anders Olsson will give Q & A sessions via Teams. Invitation to all participants via e-mail. Q&A Webinars 2024: February 27th, June 11th, Sep 10th and Dec 10th. 
    • Discussion group: We have a discussion group on Facebook. Here you can ask questions, share your experiences or just say hi 🙂
    • Presentation: In total the course comprises more than 1,000 elaborated and designed PowerPoint slides, which we go through during the twelwe lectures.
    • Material: The Course include 3 x Conscious Breathing books, 3 x Relaxator Breath Trainers, 3 x Sleep Tape 1M, 3 x Brochure: 28-Day Breath Training Program, 2 x Brochure: Stairway to Awareness and 2 x Brochure: Stress Test – Fight/Flight/Freeze Index. Value approx. US$ 150.
    • Certification: Certificates are issued upon successful completion of the Course. From the start of the course you have 24 months to finish the course and receive a certificate.
    • Price: The price for the Course is US$ 450.
    • Cancellation: We offer 30 days money back guarantee. A full refund will be issued when we receive back all Course materials—i.e., books, Relaxators, Sleep Tape and Brochures.

Course Content

Enlisted below are some of the topics we cover during the four course modules.


– How can I improve my breathing patterns? Review of The 28-Day Breath Training Program.
– Fill in the Breathing Index questionnaire to become more aware of your breathing habits.
– Exercises with the Relaxator and Sleep Tape.
– What are the characteristics of calming breathing patterns? Review of Conscious Breathing’s seven keys to calmer breathing.
– Exercises to get to know your breathing.
– Breathing physiology: What happens in our body when we breathe?
– Learn by teaching: Coach atleast two people in the 28-Day Breath Training Program.
– Challenges and keys to success in coaching.
– Why calm breathing patterns are the foundation of optimal wellbeing, energy and harmony.


– What are the characteristics of stressful breathing habits? What are the causes?
– How breathing influences our heart, blood pressure and circulation.
– The connection between sleeping problems and activating breathing habits.
– How asthma and allergy problems can be improved by breath training.
– How our breathing habits influences facial growth
– How can nasal breathing give a better sex life?
– How stressful breathing habits lay the foundation for over weight and low energy.
– pH balance – what does it mean? What affects pH? How do I maintain a good pH balance?
– More symptoms and diseases associated with activating breathing habits, for example pain and aches, cancer, COPD, lung emphysema, addictions and others.
– What does the scientific community say about our breathing and its significance for our health and wellbeing?


– The three basic values of Conscious Breathing.
– Personal growth: The connection between breathing, mind and emotions
– Exercises to reduce mental stress, fear and grief and increase self-knowledge and inner growth.
– The three invisible forces that controls your life.
– What’s behind our actions and reactions in our daily lives?
– What is stress actually? What happens in our body when we gets stressed out?
– How to set and reach goals without twisting your arm?
– Update your stress response to the 20th century and increase your ability to concentrate and learn.
– Our brain, the organ that suffers most in stressful breathing habits.
– The vagus nerve, the link between our conscious and sub-conscious.
– The foundation for effective energy production. Become energy smart: Produce more, consume less.


– Pilot study – nasal breathing vs mouth breathing during physical activity.
– Conscious Breathing in different sports.
– Energy production with and without oxygen, sugar or fat as fuel.
– Maintain a calm breathing rhythm to maintain a relaxed body.
– Change the breathing to increase endurance and recover faster.
– Increase relaxation through Conscious Breathing while doing different muscular movements.
– Low intense vs high intensive training.
– inXhale: Stretch-, flex- and strength-exercises to facilitate the conscious breath.