Improved breathing contributed to my world record

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I am very pleased with the Conscious Breathing Retraining, which have helped me feel more balanced. Breathing through my nose when I am working out and doing other activities now feels completely natural. Improving my breathing habits contributed to my breaking the world free diving record, when I managed to dive down to 126 meters, and it helped when I climbed Mount Everest, reaching a height of 8,848 meters.

In my work as a personal trainer and coach I am now able to give my clients instructions on how to improve their breathing, both when exercising and in their day-to-day lives. I think that breathing with resistance improves your breathing musculature, and it is also a perfect technique to reduce your breathing rate and increase your relaxation. I use the Relaxator for between half an hour and two hours practically every day.

Annelie Pompe, 29, Gothenburg, Sweden, personal trainer, coach, mountaineer (8 848 m) and free diver (126 m deep)
June 2011

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