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The Relaxator Breathing Retrainer is a small and convenient tool to improve your breathing habits. It’s extremely easy to use—simply place the Relaxator in your mouth and when you exhale it provides an adjustable level of resistance, which, when used regularly, helps you achieve optimal breathing with a resulting increase in your oxygen uptake.

In addition to making your breathing more rhythmical, slow and relaxed, the Relaxator also stimulates your diaphragm to work better, thereby ensuring that the air you inhale reaches further down in your abdomen, i.e. the lower part of your lungs.

Benefits of Using The Relaxator

Promotes Abdominal Breathing

The Relaxator Breathing Retrainer helps you achieve optimal breathing by stimulating the diaphragm to work properly thus ensuring that the inhaled air reaches further down in your abdomen. The diaphragm is our most important breathing muscle and a good diaphragmatic breathing makes the process of breathing efficient.

Gives a Rhythmic Breathing

The rhythm of your heart follows your respiratory rhythm, so if your respiratory rate is irregular it has a negative effect on your heart. The Relaxator Breathing Retrainer helps to maintain a breathing pattern that is more rhythmical and relaxed.

Reduce Stress and Anxiety

When you breathe using the Relaxator, you extend the time spent breathing out, which helps your body to relax. Breathing in is an active process in which, among other things, your heart rate increases, whilst breathing out is a passive process, which is linked to relaxation and a lowering of your heart rate. Increased relaxation means you will experience less stress and more harmony. When your body is more relaxed, you function better and can achieve more with less effort.

Improves oxygenation

When we breathe in a way that is not optimal, our body suffers a lack of oxygen. The organs that are most negatively affected include the brain, heart, muscles and eyes. With the Relaxator the inhaled air end up in the midriff to a greater extent, which results in increased and more efficient oxygen uptake.

When Do I Use The Relaxator?

For different health issues

The Relaxator can be used in situations where you experience:

  • Asthma or allergy attacks
  • High stress, anger or anxiety
  • Low energy, coughing
  • Pain and childbirth

When working

It’s great to use the Relaxator when you are:

  • Working at the computer, concentrating and being creative
  • Painting the house
  • Moving the lawn
  • Driving

During daily routines

You can retrain your breathing habits during most daily routines:

  • In bed
  • Reading the paper
  • Cooking
  • Watching TV

During sports

It’s great to combine sports activity with the Relaxator when:

  • Biking
  • Jogging
  • Playing golf
  • Nordic walking

How Do I Use The Relaxator?

1. Set the Resistance

Set the resistance of your choice by turning the Relaxator mouthpiece to adjust the vent. There are five levels of resistance: the smaller the opening, the greater the resistance. Five is the heaviest resistance and one is the lightest. The aim is for you to achieve a slow, deep, relaxed and rhythmical breathing, so it is recommended that you increase the resistance slowly and gradually to make sure your breathing stays relaxed.

2. Bring the Relaxator to your mouth

Bring the Relaxator to your mouth. Let it rest gently between the lips for greatest relaxation. If possible, refrain from biting it with your teeth since this causes your jaw to tense up and increased amount of saliva.

3. Breathe out through the Relaxator

Exhale slowly and calmly through the Relaxator. At exhalation your abdomen and the lower part of your chest should slowly contract while the upper part of your chest and shoulders remain still.

4. Inhale calmly through your nose

Inhale calmly through your nose — just let the inhalatoin happen and let the air in. At inhalation the air passes into your abdominal area. Your abdomen slowly expands while the upper part of your chest and shoulders remain still. The lower part of your chest may expand a little. Please note that the main focus when using the Relaxator should be on the outbreath, since if we get the exhalation right a good, low, diaphragmatic inhalation will follow.

5. Use the Relaxator fifteen minutes once or twice a day

Using the Relaxator for fifteen minutes once or twice a day gives good results. There is no limit to how long time it may be used at a time. Some people opt to use it for 1–2 hours a day. An optimal respiration of 8–12 breaths per minute, with 0.5 liters of air per breath is achieved when the resistance is set to 3–4. Please note that our breathing affects every single aspect of our lives, so if you train to hard in the beginning with the Relaxator you may experience cleansing reactions.

6. Maintain a relaxed breathing when training with the Relaxator

Endeavor to maintain a relaxed, non-strained breathing when you use the Relaxator. There is no need to push yourself too hard in order to achieve results. Note how you breathe after having used the Relaxator. If your breathing is relaxed and rhythmic, the Relaxator is set it to a suitable resistance.

Please Note! The Relaxator is not a replacement for medication. Always consult your physician before making any medical changes.

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Relaxator Breathing Retrainer

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