What is the best way to clean my Relaxator?

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QUESTION: What is the best way to clean my Relaxator?

ANSWER: Here are some tips on how to clean the Relaxator:

  • Soak the Relaxator in lukewarm water with some detergent.
  • Flush the Relaxator below the water tap with some hot water.
  • Put on some colloidal silver or some other cleansing agent.
  • Place the Relaxator in a glass of lukewarm water with half a teaspoon of bicarbonate for 15 minutes. See the study below on pesticides, where bicarbonate was more effective than Clorox. After 15 minutes in bicarbonate, almost all the pesticide was neutralized.
  • Take the Relaxator apart from time to time and clean it with a cotton swab. To disassemble the Relaxator, remove the back cover from the nozzle. Remove the membrane and the holder (“the wagon wheel”) by inserting a standard food knife through the nozzle and poke out the membrane. NOTE! Usually, it is possible to keep the Relaxator clean without taking it apart.

Boiling the Relaxator is not a good idea as it contains a rubber membrane to prevent inhalation through the mouth. The membrane can withstand a maximum of 55° C (131° F). It is also possible to remove the membrane completely if you wish. I have never tried that, but it should be possible to clean the Relaxator in the dishwasher and set the maximum temperature to 131° F (55° C).

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