Is there a connection between sore throat and mouth taping?

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QUESTION: After having used the tape, I suffer a slightly sore throat have a need to swallow and clear my throat and the need to harken myself as if there is some mucus. When I have the tape on and before I fall asleep, I also have a need to swallow. I am pretty sure it is not an infection or cold, but think it has to do with my changed breathing at night due to the tape. Might that be the case?

ANSWER: What you are experiencing can for sure have something to do with the fact that you have started taping your mouth at night. Exactly what happens is difficult to answer. We are, after all, quite complex beings. Some get reactions, such as initial deterioration when they start exercising breathing, but not all. Usually, the reaction occurs where we have had problems before. Could it be that you have experienced similar problems before? In general, you can say that as you improve your breathing habits your cells get more oxygen, and they can then produce more energy and start doing things they have not had the energy to do before.

QUESTIONER’s RESPONSE: Thank you for the answer. It is interesting that you can get reactions where you have had problems in the past, because my thyroid gland is not functioning optimally, and I have been taking medication for this since it was discovered three years ago. My thyroid gland was also, at least then, slightly enlarged, and during a biopsy av inflammation was detected. So now I understand better how it relates to the current reactions in my throat. Thank you!

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