Can the Relaxator help me concentrate better?

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QUESTION: Sometimes when I am completing a task, I am stressed by the pressure of time restrictions and find it difficult to concentrate. Can the Relaxator help me concentrate better?

ANSWER: When I have a lot to do at work, I usually use my Relaxator. I usually feel I’m becoming a bit like a machine when I put it in my mouth. It helps me to continue my task for a long time, and I feel present, focused and without stress.

But sometimes you need a reminder of how effective it is, which I got this morning when I began the process of counting my stock of Relaxators, about 6.000 in total. It is quite a lot of counting, so some stress may easily sneak in and make it difficult to maintain full concentration for all that time.

When I counted the last 1.500 Relaxators, I used my own Relaxator, and the difference was significant! I counted faster and was less stressed, more focused and more present. Overall, it was a much more pleasant experience. Really cool, actually!?

So if you have a job where you need to concentrate, or if you have children who study and want to increase their ability to learn, I can highly recommend the Relaxator.

Here are a couple of articles from Guteskolan (the Gute school) in Visby and Globenskolan (the Globen school) in Alingsås, where the students have been improving their breathing with the Relaxator for four weeks. Many students feel that it has helped them to concentrate better.

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