The Breathing Minute

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Find a quiet place where you can be undisturbed. Turn off lights. Only have the device on that connects you to the event. Turn off other computers, TVs, mobiles or other possible disturbances. Light a candle if you wish. During The Breathing Minute, the eyes are closed, the posture upright, hold one hand on the stomach, the other hand on the chest and the Relaxator in your mouth. If you don’t have a Relaxator, it will work just fine without. During The Breathing Minute we are completely silent while we breathe together for about ten minutes. If you participate in …

Workshop: Discover the Power of Your Breath

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Few of us are aware of the huge impact our breathing habits have on all aspects of our life. Let two of the worlds leading experts in the area help you discover what improved breathing habits can do in order to help you reach your full potential – physically, mentally and emotionally. World launch of BreathIQ. Workshop in Los Angeles on April 5th and San Francisco April 11th.