Senior gymnasts no longer gets tired thanks to nasal breathing - Conscious Breathing Institute

Senior gymnasts no longer gets tired thanks to nasal breathing

The ladies on the picture are between 65 and 85 years young. For several years they have done physical exercises once a week. When their instructor, Ingela Allansson, trained to become a Conscious Breathing Instructor, she decided to implement her newfound knowledge during the workouts. They began do breathe through their noses and focusing on maintain good breathing habits during the different physical exercises.

After about eight weeks the effects started to show up in terms of increased strength and endurance. The participants felt that thanks to nasal breathing they no longer got tired and asked their instructor to increase the intensity of the workouts.

Several participants also confirm that they have started to implement Conscious Breathing in their daily lives. Those who do Nordic Walking now do it with their mouth closed and feel that their endurance have increased and that they no longer experience breathlessness. They have also noticed other exercisers struggling with their mouth wide open.

Conscious Breathing helps when the grandchildren are extra strenous

One of the participants is an active golf player. She started to do nasal breathing and ever since she can play on golf courses with demanding terrain with ease.

Another participant use to take care of her grandchildren and since she become aware of the benefits of Conscious Breathing and started to implement it in her daily life, she experience more endurance when her grandchildren are extra strenuous.

Instead of becoming irritated, resulting in tension and holding breath, she takes a step back and takes a few long, deep (not big), conscious breaths.

Ingela Allansson
Skövde, Sweden