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No sinus infections or pneumonia anymore and bye-bye to stress

In my experience, Conscious Breathing has helped, and still helps me a lot. In June, I began taping my mouth shut at night and realized that I felt more energetic during the day, and my thoughts were clearer. After two weeks, I got a massive sinus infection. I’ve been getting sinus infections on and off for many years, but I hadn’t had one this bad for 6 or 7 years. My body was getting rid of old rubbish and I haven’t had sinus infections since then.

In the past, I often had pneumonia, but I don’t have that either thanks to Conscious Breathing and homeopathic medication. It also helps that the body absorbs substances more optimally when it has a normal pH value, which Conscious Breathing helps with.

It’s easy for me to get stressed, and the Relaxator is my best friend for counteracting stress. I feel calm and focused when I use the Relaxator regularly, every day. If I don’t use the Relaxator, I become much more easily stressed; that speaks volumes on how effective it is! I also usually prevent situations where I tend to get stressed or nervous by using the Relaxator.

My concentration is improved with the Relaxator

I find it easiest to use the Relaxator during certain activities, so I make sure I actually use it, then it becomes a habit. For example, when I drive or watch TV. When I concentrate, I notice that I still hold my breath, and then the Relaxator is perfect to use, since holding your breath lowers your concentration. It is obvious to me that my concentration is improved by the Relaxator; my thoughts are clearer. The Relaxator and Conscious Breathing give me more energy!

Conscious Breathing is really a lifelong training. I am convinced that Conscious Breathing is the foundation to reclaiming and retaining good health. I use, and will continue to use, Conscious Breathing, and I highly recommend this to others as well.

You can also read the story of Therese’s daughter Lisa — Lower jaw is back in place and no retainer needed thanks to the Sleep Tape.

March 2015 Update: No sinus infections, no pneumonia, and no blocked nose at all since I began using Conscious Breathing nearly two years ago ?. It’s amazing to see what a difference it makes. And my daughter Lisa doesn’t need braces.

Therese Karlsson
38, Nova Healthcare, Gnosjö, Sweden