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Anders Olsson is a lecturer, teacher and founder of the Conscious Breathing concept and the author of The Power of Your Breath. After living most of his life with a ”hurricane of thoughts” bouncing back and forth in is head, Anders was fortunate enough to come across tools that have helped him relax and find his inner calm. The most powerful of these tools has undoubtedly been to improve his breathing habits, which made Anders decide to become the worlds most prominent expert in breathing. This is almost 10 years ago and since then he has helped tens of thousands of people to a better health and improved quality of life. His vision is "Together we change the world, one breath at a time." Read more about Anders here >>


#3: James Nestor – Breath: The New Science of a Lost Art

New podcast episode with James Nestor. James just released his new book yesterday called Breath: The New Science of a Lost Art. It’s really a decade-long journey uncovering the hidden science of our most vital and misunderstood function. If you think you know everything you need to know about breathing you need to read this book.

His research on breathing started while writing his award-winning New York Times Editor’s Pick best-selling book DEEP: Freediving, Renegade Science, and What the Ocean Tells Us About Ourselves. In his new book, he finds answers aren’t found in pulmonology labs, as we might expect. Rather he traveled around the world in the muddy digs of ancient burial sites, secret Soviet facilities, New Jersey choir schools, and the smoggy streets of Sao Paulo. He even goes to Paris, crawls into a sewer, and breaks into the secret catacombs below the city to actually hold hundred-year-old skulls.

Cinq conseils de respiration pour se protéger contre le coronavirus

Se laver les mains, éviter de voyager et rester à la maison si vous avez été dans des zones à risque sont des conseils importants pour éviter d’être infecté et réduire le risque de propagation du virus. Mais comme le virus est en suspension dans l’air et s’installe dans les voies respiratoires, la façon dont nous respirons est également importante à souligner.

En une seule journée, nous respirons jusqu’à 10 à 20 000 litres d’air. Ce sont des quantités énormes et comme un litre pèse 0,1 gramme, il représente 10 à 20 kilos d’air, soit environ 10 fois plus que la quantité de nourriture que nous mangeons. L’air contient de nombreuses bactéries, virus et autres particules. En une seule journée, nous en inhalons jusqu’à 100 milliards selon les recherches de l’Institut Karolinska en Suède.

Los cinco mejores tips de respiración para protegernos del coronavirus

Cada vez más y con gran velocidad, el coronavirus se está volviendo una parte del día a día de las personas. El miedo al virus probablemente es peor que el virus mismo, pero esto no hace que debamos ignorar a las personas que están asustadas. Lo que es particularmente atemorizante es que este es un …

Los cinco mejores tips de respiración para protegernos del coronavirus Read More »

Viisi parhainta hengitysohjetta koronavirukselta suojautumiseen

Koronaviruksesta on tullut nopeasti osa yhä useamman ihmisen arkipäivää. Pelko viruksesta on luultavasti pahempi kuin itse virus, mutta emme saa kuitenkaan samanaikaisesti olla ymmärtämättä niitä ihmisiä, jotka pelkäävät. Se, mikä tässä uudessa viruksessa pelottaa, on, että meiltä puuttuu immuniteetti sitä vastaan. Nyt, kun mitään lääkettä tai rokotetta ei ole olemassa, mietityttääkin, mitä voi tehdä suojatakseen …

Viisi parhainta hengitysohjetta koronavirukselta suojautumiseen Read More »

Five top breathing tips to protect against the coronavirus

Washing your hands, if possible avoiding travelling, and staying at home if you have been in any at risk areas, are all important tips to avoid being infected and reducing the risk of the coronavirus spreading. But since the virus is airborne and settles in the airways, the way we breathe is also important to highlight.

In a single day, we breathe in as much as 10-20,000 liters of air. That is a huge amount, and since one liter weighs 0.1 gram it makes up 10-20 kilos of air, in other words about 10 times more than the amount of food we eat. The air contains lots of bacteria, viruses and other particles. In just one day, we inhale up to 100 billion of them according to research at the Karolinska Institute in Sweden.

Cinque consigli di respirazione per proteggere dal coronavirus

Lavarsi le mani, evitare di viaggiare se non necessario e stare a casa sono tutti suggerimenti per evitare di essere infettati e per ridurre il rischio di diffondere il coronavirus. Ma siccome il virus può trasmettersi attraverso le vie respiratorie, anche il modo in cui respiriamo e’ importante.

Ogni giorno respiriamo fino a 10-20,000 litri di aria. Questa e’ una quantità importante che corrisponda a 10-20 chili di aria dal momento che un litro di aria pesa 0.1 grammi. In altri termini, questa quantità e’ più di dieci volte l’ammontare di cibo che mangiamo ogni giorno. L’aria contiene molti batteri, virus ed altre particelle. Ogni giorno, inspiriamo fino a 100 miliardi di tutti questi, secondo la ricerca del Karolinska Institute nella Svezia.

Conscious Breathing featured in Ben Greenfield’s book BOUNDLESS

It is fortunate to witness how the interest in Conscious Breathing is steadily growing. Ben Greenfield, a New York Times best selling author, currently ranked as the #1 best seller on Amazon with his new book BOUNDLESS, recommends my book, The Relaxator, taping your mouth at night and writes that my article Breathe Less – …

Conscious Breathing featured in Ben Greenfield’s book BOUNDLESS Read More »

How Should I Breathe – Wim Hof vs Conscious Breathing

En av de metoder som fått allra störst genomslag är Wim Hof-metoden. Andningen är central i denna metod och en vanlig fråga är därför vad det är som skiljer Medveten Andning från Wim Hof-andning. Vilket sätt att andas är rätt? Vilken metod är bäst? Går det att kombinera dem? Grunden som Medveten Andning vilar på är avslappning och återhämtning, medan grunden inom Wim Hof är aktivering. Det finns inget rätt eller fel, båda sätten att andas har sin plats och vilket som är fördelaktigast beror på vart du befinner dig och vad du vill åstadkomma, dvs vill du slappna av eller vill du aktivera dig.

Lecture at The Arizona State University: Discover the Power of Your Breath

Anders Olsson was invited to the Arizona State University to give a guest lecture at the Stress Management Course. This recording is from the lecture held in October 2018. There is nothing new about the importance of breathing. Just a few minutes of oxygen deprivation is enough to destroy the brain’s ability to process incoming …

Lecture at The Arizona State University: Discover the Power of Your Breath Read More »

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