Relaxator Exercises

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Narrow and tense airways limit our ability to live the life we want. Engaging in different physical exercises while using the Relaxator is an efficient way to dilate the airways and help the breathing muscles relax. Soon your normal breathing habits will improve so that the majority of the breaths you take each day serve you in the best possible way.

Open up

your airways

The 20 exercises below aim to open your airways, get them functioning well and relax your breathing muscles. Pick a few exercises that appeal to you and put together your own 10-15-minute workout program. Add a few calm breaths between the exercises, and reflect on how it feels in your body before moving on to the next practice. You can do your exercises daily or at times that are convenient for you. Remember that the goal is to reduce stress, not increase it. If too much is going on in your life at a certain point, just skip your exercises that day.

Erect posture

Keep your back erect and straight during the exercises, as this facilitates the work of the diaphragm and deepens breathing. Breathe in a relaxed way, taking deep (not big), calm, and rhythmic breaths. Using the Relaxator will help you maintain a good breathing pattern during the different exercises.

These exercises will help you improve your general breathing pattern so that eventually you take most of your daily 20-25,000 breaths in accordance with the five principles of Conscious Breathing – nose, stomach, slow, rhythmic and quiet. If you manage to maintain an erect posture and relaxed breathing during the exercises, chances are that you’ll be able to do the same in different situations you may encounter in your everyday life.

Twenty Different Exercises

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