After battling cancer the Relaxator increased my quality of life - Conscious Breathing Institute

After battling cancer the Relaxator increased my quality of life

After several years of battling cancer and the stress associated with an uncertain future, I realized, during the Conscious Breathing course, that my breathing habits were far from optimal. I was breathing superficially and chaotically, and sometimes I would even stop breathing. I became even more aware of this dysfunctional pattern during the 7 Step CBR Program to Better Breathing with the assistance of the Relaxator.

My awareness of my breathing patterns increased significantly just from observing how I breathe in different everyday situations.

Using the Relaxator helped me realize the difference between good, healthy, and functional breathing and the breathing patterns I had developed, partly due to fear when I was ill, and partly that I had previously established.

I believe that my awareness of my body has also increased as a result of the breathing exercises. Today I can clearly feel when my breathing becomes superficial or chaotic. I couldn’t feel that difference before, as most of the time I wasn’t as conscious of my breathing habits as I am now.

I have three Relaxators

Nowadays, I keep a Relaxator in the car, one by my computer at work, and another one at my computer at home. The one in the car helps me unwind with the extended exhalations. When using the computer, I feel that I can keep my focus for longer by breathing lower and getting lots of oxygen.

I am also able to work out more when I breathe in and out through my nose. It has taken a while to get there and, to be honest, I must confess that I forget sometimes, but my recovery and endurance are clearly better when I breathe right.

Most of all, I think that the right breathing pattern helps to ensure I get lots of oxygen to my organs and muscles, which keeps my stress and anxiety levels down. My quality of life has improved through increased awareness and a simple breathing aid.

Vuokko Elner
48, Gothenburg, Sweden