Dentist improves his sex life and his singing voice - Conscious Breathing Institute

Dentist improves his sex life and his singing voice

I have felt many positive effects from using the Relaxator and taping my mouth closed at night, such as less dryness in my mouth and less or no phlegm in the mornings. I’ve also been able to quit taking sleeping pills. By taking twenty low, focused breaths, I get more relaxed which helps me sleep better and deeper. Since my sleep has improved I also have more energy during the day!

This has led to even more positive effects, like a better sex life, more regular exercise, and weight loss, in addition to becoming more fit.

I have also noticed that the diaphragm exercises I do with the Relaxator have affected my singing voice (barbershop and medieval quintet singing are my main hobbies) allowing me to maintain purer and longer notes. 

Conscious Breathing makes my dental clients more relaxed

I also employ the Conscious Breathing Method when working as a dentist, to get my patients to relax, with excellent results!

In short – Conscious Breathing has given me a better life, in every respect, and has become an important aspect of me feeling good and enjoying a better quality of life!

Göran Bergling
71, dentist, singer, fisherman, woodcutter and now, an active breather!, Akersberga, Sweden