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Nose breathing and the Relaxator helps in autism and developmental disabilities

My daughter, who I’ll call Nancy to protect her privacy, is 25 and has been diagnosed with autism and developmental disabilities. It is very common that people with developmental disorders adopt fast, shallow breathing through the mouth. It’s said that people with autism cannot take a deep breath or sigh deeply. I have now helped my daughter get acquainted with the Relaxator and it has been a success!

She learned surprisingly fast and can use it correctly for short periods of time. So far, not more than a minute at a time, but for her it’s great progress. Nancy asks for it and uses it many times a day.

I am even more surprised over the ‘impossible’ — without hesitation she accepted the Sleep Tape. Yesterday Nancy tried it a few times during daytime and tonight she slept with it the whole night!!! It is COMPLETELY unlikely and amazing, but nonetheless fantastic!

She has always slept with her mouth open and had been snoring . . . Tonight I have at least been able to sleep undisturbed, which is a great improvement for me, regardless if Nancy will continue to sleep with the tape or not!

The Relaxator makes her calm

Five weeks later the mom reported that Nancy’s great progress continues thanks to improved breathing patterns. Nancy continues to tape her mouth at night. In the past she couldn’t even use patches because of the discomfort she would experience, and she now sleeps quietly at night with her mouth taped shut.

When Nancy gets stressed she picks up the Relaxator spontaneously, which calms her down. She is more present and has a brighter, more awake look in her eyes. She looks around like she is discovering things for the first time and can associate things like snow/white/other white things, winter/cold, autumn leaves fall off, etc.

She can draw conclusions and find solutions such as can’t close the door/something is blocking the door/removes the obstructing item/now the door can be closed. This makes her feel absolutely thrilled!

“Breathing through the nose is good for you”

The ever-present blocked nose / mucus in the nose, dry mouth, and dry lips are long gone.

Sometimes she approaches someone that is talking, pinches their lips together and tells them, “Breathing through the nose is good for you!” She even does that to herself when she falls into the old habits of mouth breathing.

Mother of Nancy
Gothenburg, Sweden