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Life returns by leaps and bounds after many years of illness!

It has been 20 years since I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. 13 years ago, I became burnt out and was diagnosed with chronic fatigue, which led to an early retirement. Over all the years I have been plagued with heavy inner stress, low energy, a lot of pain, tense muscles, sleeping difficulties, and stomach problems. About two and a half months ago I came across the Conscious Breathing Retraining Program, and I feel so much better since I began to practice nasal breathing and use the Relaxator every day. It feels like a miracle!!

Compared to the long time I was ill, these past two and a half months are just a short period, and I am very aware that I may encounter obstacles on my way to better health. But hopefully, my story can inspire others who are in the same situation.

My inner stress is gone

My inner stress, which I lived with for about 15 years, has disappeared and my life is now filled with harmony and extra energy. I can’t wait until bedtime, when I can tape up my mouth with Sleep Tape. That’s when I rest easy in the knowledge that I am breathing through my nose and healing my body.

I wake up earlier in the mornings than I used to, and I feel more rested. I use the Relaxator for several hours a day—when I’m cooking, out in the garden, ironing, driving, etc. I don’t feel like I have to. I want to.

When my troubling stomach makes itself known through painful bloating in my colon that’s when I use bicarbonate of soda: two pinches in half a glass of water taken with my meal for instance. It works really well and helps get my stomach back into balance.

I have much more energy

I go for a walk about four times a week, for around an hour each time. Before Conscious Breathing, I would have to stop and rest several times, but I don’t have to do that anymore. My newfound energy means that I can keep walking the whole time, without any difficulty.

Anders, I want to thank you for having written an incredibly brilliant book about how breathing affects our bodies. It is so informative and easy to read. I hope that many others read it and are motivated to start breathing consciously.

Everyone knows that breathing is essential for life, but the quality of your breathing is absolutely vital for your health. That is what I have learned and have been able to experience. THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

Update April 2015: Not a single day pass without using the Relaxator. It is with great joy I’ve discovered that I’m not as dependent on it as before, since my breathing has improved.

Ulla Knape
66, Gothenburg, Sweden