Finally! A winter without penicillin, pneumonia or hospitalization! - Conscious Breathing Institute

Finally! A winter without penicillin, pneumonia or hospitalization!

I just want to thank you for the breathing course yesterday. I feel very inspired to continue to focus on my breathing. At the time of this writing I’m sitting with the Relaxator in my mouth, and it feels comfortable. I have had problems with pneumonia and severe bronchitis every winter for 10 years now, and have endured many bouts of the common cold every autumn and winter. The doctors have scratched their heads trying to figure out why I stay so sick; I’ve seen specialists and have taken lots of cortisone and penicillin over the years.

Several times I have been admitted to hospital suffering pneumonia and was in a very poor condition each time. I have spent a lot of time on sick leave, coughing until I vomited and felt miserable, really miserable. 

Every year there will be one or two rounds of bronchitis or pneumonia, and I am absolutely terrified of catching a cold in the winter. I have coughed until my ribs broke, have been given intravenous penicillin, and I’ve found these tough ordeals each winter to be devastating.

Perhaps my immune system isn’t the best. I have asthma but it only makes itself known when I have a cold. During spring and summer I’m as fit as a fiddle. I’m just saying …if I could have one winter without trouble with bronchitis or pneumonia, I would be happy for the next ten winters ?

Not a single dose of asthma or cortisone spray

Update – March 2012: I have taped my mouth at night for over a year now and have used the Relaxator regularly, in addition to becoming more aware of my breathing habits. This year, for the first time in many years, I have managed without cortisone or penicillin and have even avoided hospitalization.

For me this is a victory and a great relief!! Last winter I was on sick leave for at least one and a half months, and this winter I was only on sick leave for three or four days. I would add that I have not taken a single dose of asthma spray or cortisone spray during this year, either, despite colds!!! Thank you!!!!

Therese Johansson
34, BSc Social Work, Falun, Sweden