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Using the Relaxator – perfect for your abdominal muscles

I have always been interested in health and exercise in my private as well as my professional life, and how it affects our wellbeing and performance. Among other things, I have been the site manager and part owner of a large exercise and wellness facility, in Östersund, for eleven years. When I began a new venture Anettes Friskvård AB, and came in contact with the Conscious Breathing Retraining Program, I found an efficient and effective tool to help my clients cope with stress, etc. 

I found myself wanting to experiment with it personally to measure what improving my breathing technique could offer in conjunction with exercise. What I found was that Conscious Breathing affected my exercise results in a very positive way.

When I exercise and only breathe through my nose, I feel more present, focused, with better concentration, and breathing becomes a kind of mental exercise.

Exercising my abs with the Relaxator

My curiosity has led me to experiment and eventually find a very effective way of exercising my stomach muscles. When I exercise my stomach muscles with the Relaxator I start by adjusting the mouthpiece to a high setting. This makes the opening small, so it’s harder to breathe out.

I push until almost all the air has left my lungs, inhale a new breath through my nose and then push out the air again through my Relaxator. Then I do as many repetitions as I can. The work out is calm and focused.

The breathing exercises helps with stiff and strained muscles

I am also a certified massage therapist and can clearly see how breathing exercises help my clients with their stiff, strained muscles. They are able to relax more effectively and to a much greater extent, and their bodies become supple. There are so many advantages. Diaphragmatic breathing even stimulates the body’s ability to remove various waste products.

I have seen many positive effects from the Conscious Breathing exercises and really recommend this simple and effective tool to everyone who wants to improve their health, wellbeing and performance capacity, as well as give their body fast and necessary recovery.

Anette Österlund
47, Massage therapist, Astersund, Sweden