Reduced stress levels and faster recovery during exercise - Conscious Breathing Institute

Reduced stress levels and faster recovery during exercise

Since I took the Conscious Breathing course last summer I have thought about my breathing every day. Breathing is a fantastic health resource, and I have benefited from improving my breathing habits, both when exercising and in my daily routines. I have exercised all my life and, since the course, I use nasal breathing the entire time I am exercising. Nasal breathing means running doesn’t feel like such an effort. My breathing is much calmer. I don’t get as out of breath as I used to either, and I recover faster. 

When I practice nasal breathing during exercise, it feels like I’m able to get more out of it, with less effort.

Lowered stress levels in my daily life

Improving my breathing habits has also made a difference in my daily life, as it has helped me lower my stress levels. Having increased inner peace means that things are clearer and I can be more present in the now, focusing on what I am doing in a better way.

Shirin Djavidi
40, journalist , Author of the book Train yourself 10 years younger, 
Stockholm, Sweden