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I’ve almost completely been able to skip taking pain killers

I have had pain for many years, which makes the nights hellish. I noticed myself that I would snore lightly and wake up with a dry mouth. For nine months I’ve been taping my mouth, and I sleep so well. My sleep is much more even and deep, to the point that I sometimes wake up and wonder what in the world has happened. And to my surprise, I realize that I’ve slept seven or eight hours! If I forget to tape one night I notice, right away, that my sleep is poorer.

For the last 15-20 years I’ve usually been unable to sleep more than three hours in one stretch before waking up, because of the pain. Apart from a whiplash injury, I’ve also had a titan-shoulder implant. I also have osteoarthritis in my shoulders and lower back. Among other things, this means that I can only sleep on my back, which increases the risk of my chin falling down and I start to breathe through my mouth. With the tape, my jaw is kept in place even when I lie on my back.

Have almost completely been able to skip pain killers

Before, I used to take citodon (30 mg kodein/tablet) three times per day, and sometimes, when the pain was more severe, I also had to use a morphine patch. Nowadays I’ve almost completely been able to stop taking pain killers.

Apart from being aware of my daily breathing habits and tape my mouth at night för about nine months I’ve also been taking devil’s claw, MSM and colloidal silver for eight months, which also have been very positive for my health.\

Barbro Rosendahl
69, Kalix, Sweden