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Severe stomach pain gone after ten minutes with the Relaxator

I had to go through a procedure that was somewhat uncomfortable and my exaggerated fear of pain as well as the procedure in itself, caused me to lie tense, while holding my breath, despite the doctor’s advice to relax. It hurt and I got dizzy from not breathing properly. At the second procedure, I used my Relaxator and had a completely different experience!

The Relaxator helped me focus on my breathing and therefore I could relax. Not having to worry and feel stressed that it might hurt was enough to make the discomfort minimal this time.

The pain disappeared completely within ten minutes

On another occasion, on day two of going through bad gastritis, it occurred to me that I should try my Relaxator. The stomach pain was so severe I could not stand straight. I was amazed by how quickly the pain was alleviated. It disappeared completely within ten minutes.

As soon as the pain came creeping back I stuck the Relaxator back in my mouth and once again the pain lessened. I could hardly believe it since the night before I had been in so much pain, without realizing that my relief was hanging on a door knob in the kitchen!

It’s really amazing how the cramps fades away after just a short while of using it. I must admit though that I haven’t used it diligently, but when a gastritis-pain like this shows up then my Relaxator is worth it’s weight in gold!!!

Now I am completely convinced that the Relaxator would be a great complement in every home, and for me it will be a ‘very good friend’ from now on.

Tina O’Malley
45, Chicago, USA