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Less headache and markedly increased quality of life thanks to Sleep Tape

In 2001 I hurt myself in a snowboard accident. I often had a massive pain in my head and had to take a lot of pain killers. In 2006, when I was driving, I was hit by a car, which led to an enormous increase in my pain. There was something pinched, I could feel it. Since no one in Sweden could help me, I went to Germany in desperation and had arthrodesis surgery in April of 2007. My pain disappeared, but only temporarily, before it came back with a vengeance.

Terrible pain

In 2011 it turned out that all the material that had been placed in my neck, and the back of my head during the arthrodesis was broken and had to be removed. I had everything removed at a Swedish hospital, while they also did a smaller arthrodesis surgery on my two upper vertebrae.

This operation went great, the pain in my head was gone, but since I’m very small it turned out that the screws, used to fixate the vertebrae, were to large. Since the screws rubbed against the back of my head, they were removed, in March 2012.

Unfortunately, this led to complications with the nerves in the back of my head, and the pain I experienced was the worst ever! I could not lie down and no pain killers helped. I am still waiting for surgery to have these nerves freed.

Realized the importance of good breathing habits

In August of 2013 I came in touch with a yoga group on Facebook. In this group I learned how important it is to breathe correctly, because this was the only thing I could start out with. Then I found Conscious Breathing and became very curious, since there were such great testimonials, especially about nasal breathing and improved sleep.

At the same time my husband’s sleep apnea had deteriorated. He had surgery a few years ago, with good results, but it was definitely not completely gone and not it had started to get worse. So I asked him if I should order a Relaxator, which he agreed to.

He felt so much better when he began using the Relaxator. The bags under his eyes, which tend to increase in size when he is tired and stressed out, got smaller. For myself, because of my weak muscles, I had so much pain that I still haven’t started to use the Relaxator.

Taped mouth at night works magic

However, after a one-month challenge in our yoga group to only breathe through our nose in everything we do in our daily life and during training, I decided to try taping my mouth at night. I noticed immediately that I had less pain and that I’ve slept so much better!

I though it must be a coincidence, but now I know that I don’t sleep at all as well and am not at all as rested without the tape! I have now used it for five months and I am so happy for the Sleep Tape!

For my husband it took a bit longer before he started to use the tape. He got a little panicky at first, but finally he gave it a try and has been doing it for two months now. Even on the first morning (I always wake up first), I noticed that he was sleeping very calmly. His eyes are clearer and he feels more rested. Now he is sleeping the whole night without apnea and he hardly snores at all!

Fewer wrinkles around my mouth

I now sleep between 7-9 hours. When was the last time I did that? Amazing! Upon writing this testimonial I realize it was 15 years ago that I got burned out and had to go on sick leave. Since then I’ve not been able to sleep deeply, and despite being tired I would wake up as early as 4-5 in the morning, usually with severe pain in my neck and head.

With Sleep Tape, the beauty is that I can now continue to lie in bed in the morning, with just a fraction of the pain I used to experience. No facial or jaw tension, which is also visible on my lips and around my mouth. The lips are fuller and the wrinkles around the mouth are less. A great bonus I must say.

I have also found a greater inner calmness. In general I feel better, and I don’t have so much pain in my diaphragm as I used to have (probably because I was tense while sleeping). I’m sure there are more things that have happened that I cannot pinpoint, but I’m feeling so much better and that’s a great step!! A future with less pain.

I shall also try out the Relaxator now that I have less pain.

Annica Gunnarsson
47, Hammarö, Sweden