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Eleven-year-old free of asthma and allergy in 3 weeks!

So darn cool!! Today, my eleven-year-old son came home from school and told me he had scored one goal in soccer and had assisted another of the teams total of three goals ? This week, he also ran two laps on the terrain course and eight laps for an endurance test. That might sound normal for a kid his age, but my son is currently being evaluated for asthma fatigue.

Every morning, he used to wake up with a blocked nose, despite having taken an allergy pill before going to bed. He needed a cold spray, allergy spray and asthma medicine morning and night. He would tell us, “I hate gym class at school,” four times a week, sometimes with tears and a tantrum. I’m not even going into his moods. We used to call it morning tiredness, but NO. The right term is hypoxia (lack of oxygen).

Cocky as he is, he began his road to recovery by taping his mouth before going to bed, ten days ago, and practicing breathing retraining with the Relaxator for fifteen minutes twice a day, and thinking about breathing through his nose with his tongue resting against the roof of his mouth as often as possible. We noticed the difference already the first morning: no allergy, peppy, rested and…HAPPY! These last few days have been completely medicine-free!

So, a big warm THANK YOU, Anders, for having taken on this mission. I’ll be doing my best to spread the word and inspire people about nasal breathing. Count me in for the Instructor Course in September.

Felix’s “medicine cabinet” that he was able to give up completely after three weeks

Update June 2012: Yesterday, on day 25 of the breathing retraining program, (during this period which we have also had a few days of the stomach flu, where we didn’t train anything), the asthma nurse wrote in Felix medical journal that he had stopped using the medicine, and that he doesen’t need to revisit since he no longer has any symptoms of allergy or asthma.

Update July 2012: Felix plays soccer every day now, this is so cool.

Lottie Stjernqvist
Runs the company Creative Flow, Mother of Felix 11, Sweden