I recommend Conscious Breathing to all my clients! - Conscious Breathing Institute

I recommend Conscious Breathing to all my clients!

We all know that breathing is important. But few of us understand that HOW we breathe affects every single aspect of our life, states Anders Olsson in this extraordinary practical and inspiring book about the benefits of good breathing habits, Conscious Breathing. As a coach in stress management I often meet people who suffer from asthma, allergies, high blood pressure, back pain, headaches, sleeping problems, depression, anxiety etc.

I now recommend all of my clients to read this book as it helps them to understand more about the effects of their often poor breathing habits.

Following Anders Olsson’s Conscious Breathing-method you will gain great health benefits in many areas of your life. You will experience deep relaxation while at the same time get a balanced nervous system and improved everyday health.

I no longer grind my teeth - this is amazing!

The best part is that the information presented in the book is so easy to implement in your daily life. I personally sleep 1 hour less per night, I wake up feeling rested and awake and when under pressure I no longer wake up realizing that I have been going back to the old bad habit of grinding my teeth. To me this is amazing!

I am so thankful for this hands-on and very practical book on how you can use your breathing to increase your life’s quality – physically, emotional, mentally. This book will teach you HOW, WHY and THAT it works when you start to breathe correctly, so if you want to feel and function better BUY it, READ IT, ACT ON IT and GIVE COPIES to all your friends!

If you ever ride through the Grand Canyon for seven days this is what you have to bring – The Relaxator and the book Conscious Breathing.

Kaja Michelson
Exhale Coaching, Int. Dipl. Coach, Yoga and Meditation teacher, Allen, Texas, USA