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Fewer heart problems and decreased cholesterol levels through breathing retraining

I was born in 1945 and quickly displayed certain symptoms: If I was scared, upset, or defiant, my mouth turned blue, my face turned white, and I fell unconscious. During the 40’s and 50’s, this meant I was regarded as a “difficult child.” During my school years (1950-60’s) I developed fainting spells, and the common opinion was that I faked them in order to avoid physical activity and other troublesome things.

The fact was that I fainted when I became physically or mentally stressed. In the beginning of the 70’s I was incorrectly diagnosed with epilepsy, and I was prescribed heavy medication and felt very poorly. The diagnosis was, of course, completely off the wall.

Relaxation tapes awakened my interest in health

In 1978 I went to a doctor at our health center. He had just received a cassette tape with Lars-Eric Uneståhl, who had recorded different variations of relaxation. When I began listening to the relaxation tape my fainting spells decreased in frequency somewhat. This began my interest in health, food, exercise, and lifestyle. Later, Qigong, yoga/meditation and breathing came into the picture.

In 1984 I had a serious heart attack and went into cardiac arrest, and thanks to the rapid intervention I returned to the world of the living. A specialist doctor from Norway, who was temporarily working in Lund, Sweden, took care of me. He did his Ph.D. on Long QT syndrome: a lethal illness causing sudden arrhythmic death syndrome (SADS). Approximately 30 years has passed since I got the right diagnosis. About 7 years ago I got a pacemaker.

I’ve been curious and found a lifestyle that supports my heart. I diligently used my Relaxator (which I have had for about a year) for the first couple months. After that, I developed my own technique, where I breathe in through my nose and out through a crack between my lips. I use this during walks and when I’m relaxing in front of the TV. If I travel, I always bring my Relaxator.

With the help of Conscious Breathing, my heart problems have decreased

I have been aware of our diet’s relevance to our health for 25-30 years, and as new findings are discovered, I’ve given much thought to what I eat. Despite the fact that I’m of average weight and eat consciously, my cholesterol levels have increased at my yearly check-ups.

In February 2014 the reading was at 6.4. The doctor began talking about statin drugs, but I declined. Then I began breathing consciously with, among other things, the Relaxator. One year later, it was time for a new check-up. My cholesterol levels were at 5.4, and other cholesterol-related readings were fine. Thanks to Conscious Breathing, my heart arrhythmias have decreased.

Living with heart problems is charged with anxiety. Thanks to good breathing techniques, I can now prevent stressful moments and anxiety. Nowadays, I feel fine and am taking high school-level classes with a lifestyle and health focus. I lecture on topics related to health and lifestyle. I always promote breathing techniques in these situations and display my Relaxator. Life is all about oxygen supply and circulation!

Ulla Lantz
70, retired, Kävlinge, Sweden