The CarboHaler is a game-changer for my voice when singing - Conscious Breathing Institute

The CarboHaler is a game-changer for my voice when singing

I'm a voice teacher from San Diego, CA and use lots of smart neuro-centric tools to help my students and my own singing when I'm on a professional contract as as actor and studio musician. After using this device once at the gym, my busy mind calmed down, my breathing felt instantly more connected in singing, I was relaxed and able to be expressive at 8am after a late night rehearsal. The effects of the carbohaler session were so great that I decided to stay after mobility session and do 20 minutes on the device between 2-3%. This gave me the energy to do a full workout and I felt incredible the rest of the day. I didn't have an energy dip in the afternoon like I usually do, and my staging rehearsals went very well with energy lasting through the whole day and evening. I slept very well (which is imperative for singing to feel good for me), and the next day I felt refreshed. I'm excited at the possibilities of performance and using this device backstage for singers and actors who struggle with anxiety, and I know it will be a hit with students who take a long time to warm up their instrument so it feels ready to sing (usually those with acid reflux). There are breathing studies on acid reflux and breathing, so I'm eager to see how they fare! 

Hi. My name is Kimberly Moller and I'm a voice teacher and neurocentric trainer in San Diego, California. I used the CarboHaler and did this at the gym with my personal trainer. We tested it with singing before and after. We did about 2% to 3% on the CarboHaler and we did this for about 3 minutes. I have to say my range of motion improved incredibly. My gait improved quite a bit and my singing was wildly different. I'm really excited to order this device and use it in the voice studio for professional singers and voice teachers that I work with.

Breathing is such a big important thing in their minds and we know that it's very connected in terms of respiration and training for singing but this device is such a game changer. I'm so excited to use it more and explore with different singers in the voice studio.

- Kimberly Moller, USA