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Now I can get out of bed without feeling faint from fatigue!

Nowdays, whenever I go to bed I tape up my mouth. Before, when the alarm went off in the mornings, I would always have a really hard time getting up. I used to feel as if I had slept well, but the way I feel now when the alarm goes off . . . there is just no comparison. It is amazing! Now I can get out of bed straight away without feeling like I’m about to faint from tiredness!

When I started the Conscious Breathing Retraining Program with the Relaxator, I had the resistance set too high and my abdominals (diaphragm) started to hurt, but now it works well and I use it a bit in the evening before going to bed.

Since I started the breathing exercises I have felt less stressed in general, and I use the Conscious Breathing technique with a three or four count while breathing in and four or eight count while breathing out, in order to reduce the stress. Fantastic!!

I could have laying in the dental chair for hours

My last dentist’s visit also went swimmingly. By breathing through my nose, which now feels completely natural, I had no problem whatsoever lying back in the chair while the dentist drilled into my teeth. I could have laying there for hours.

An especially nice bonus is that I don’t end up getting bugs in my mouth when I’m out biking anymore, because I keep my mouth shut. Everything has just become so much more pleasant and easy.

Mirja Saarvääli
40, Holistic horse and dog therapist, Arvika, Sweden
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