Eureka moment with nasal breathing while jogging - Conscious Breathing Institute

Eureka moment with nasal breathing while jogging

I have practiced nasal breathing during all of my running and bicycle training for a while now, and it has felt really good, especially when I learned to relax my mouth and face while breathing through my nose and running. I had a real “eureka” moment when I “cracked the nose breathing code”, where I immediately noticed that I got more energy, stamina and endurance. I made good progress with my cycling and noticed almost instantly how nasal breathing improved my times in addition to making me feel stronger, faster and able to last longer.

I have had a few more mood swings than I am used to, although my energy has been high even when I’ve been in a bad mood, so it’s possible that that it might be that the breathing exercises have set off some sort of mental cleansing. I really like the Relaxator and I use it a lot, often for a half hour at a time.

Mikael Asp
Triathlete and freediver, world record holder in swimming underwater (800 meters), Silver medalist in the Swedish Duathlon Championship