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From powerless zombie to lots of energy and vitality

I am grateful from the bottom of my heart that I found out about Conscious Breathing. I have had issues with my sinuses since I was a child and have struggled with nasal congestion my whole life. I have had many, many sinusitis through the years, taking nasal spray and cortisone. Always been powerless. Have had zero energy but fought my way through the years, bitten the bullet and carried on. It just got worse and in the last ten years I have been so tired that I just sunk, without any energy to do anything. I have been like a zombie.

In my early 20’s I went to a specialist to get help. What happened? I got told that to get rid of my problems I would have to move to a desert island and never meet any people whatsoever. I ran out from the doctors office in tears.

Feel lyrical for every new day I wake up with energy 

Today I am 49 years old and the last 30 years I have paid countless doctor visits without getting any help or tips. I have searched and searched during all these years. What is wrong with me? Why does my nose swell up? Why do I get swollen in the mucous membranes? Why don’t I have any energy?

I found this website and started to tape my mouth at night. Already the very first evening I put the tape on, something happened. I felt an amazing calm and became very conscious of my breathing. Since that day I wake up full of energy with a smile on my face. I feel lyrical for every new day I wake up with energy. My husband says he’s got a new partner.

Don’t even need my morning coffee anymore

Most likely I’ve slept with my mouth open my whole life. When I woke up before I was always sour and crank. No one in my family could talk to me in the morning. Now I have this wonderful feeling waking up in the morning full of energy. And I don’t even need my morning coffee anymore!

My teenager bounced out of bed at 8am the other morning, livelier than ever. I thought to myself, what’s happened? Well, she had slept with her mouth taped. What a fantastic quality of sleep it gives. I am so happy for her that she dared trying mums method.

A month and a half after I started taping my mouth at night I also started using the Relaxator. It has helped me take another step towards less stress and more energy. Thank you for giving me the chance to try this little miracle device without knowing what it would lead to. I love the Relaxator! If you haven’t tried it, do it.

Have I become 50% smarter or what?

I have worked in stores for 30 years, walking around on hard stone floor. The last couple of years I have worked at a big supermarket. And I have thought to myself, there is no wonder I feel so tired after work as it is such a large workplace.

For over a year I have had a pedometer on my phone. As I’ve always been so tired after work, I have checked how many steps I’ve taken. I used to take 20-25 000 steps per day. But since I started with Conscious Breathing I only take 13-15,000 steps. That’s about 50% less steps!

What has the Relaxator done for me? I have stopped stressing at work. I make smarter decisions. I think logically. And as I get more done, but walk less, it must also mean that I no longer wander around doing things in the wrong order.

When stressed, it is difficult to piece together thoughts and actions. That is what it feels like anyway. Something has clearly happened to me and it is only positive.

I used to be able to have enough energy till around lunchtime, but in the afternoon I was normally very tired and I never had any energy left after work. Yesterday it was Friday and I went home full of energy, after a whole working week!

I love spending time in nature but rarely (never) had the energy to get myself out. Nowadays I long for a walk with my Relaxator every day. Today it is Saturday, and I have walked 9 miles and I am not even tired.

I have found the happiness inside of me and nowadays I smile from within

Although I have been happy before, it has been more because I decided to be, I’ve never felt it from within. Now I smile from within. The feeling comes from within, completely naturally. Earlier, I may have had that feeling 1 day every 3 months, now it’s 4-5 days a week. The inner happiness is just there.

I am really happy that I get to share my story and I hope it will inspire others! I am so incredibly happy that I found Conscious Breathing. It has helped me find my inner happiness. All thanks to a small piece of tape and an adult pacifier.

Lisbeth Lundkvist
49, Södertälje, Sweden