I have never felt better!! - Conscious Breathing Institute

I have never felt better!!

I am 56 years old and have never felt better! I do a lot of different things to improve my wellbeing, but one of the main reasons I'm feeling so good is clearly due to the Conscious Breathing Method I have been using since the spring. I use the Relaxator religiously, and when I breathe through it I feel more relaxed and calm. I have also gained more energy from the breathing exercises.

For example, when I was a bit worn out after a full day's work, and had to give a lecture in the evening, I used the Relaxator in the car on the way to the lecture, my energy increased quickly, and I was able to deliver a pretty inspiring lecture.

I don't get tired when running and my sleep is so much better

I have also started running and I've clearly noticed how good my body feels when I breathe through my nose while I'm running. Actually, it's incredible that I don't even feel tired afterwards.

I was out running yesterday, and despite keeping up a very fast pace, my nasal breathing meant that I wasn't out of breath when I got to the end. I also think that it helps me recover very quickly.

I use the Relaxator a lot, when I'm driving, sitting in front of the computer or preparing for bed. When I practice breathing through the resistance before going to bed, it helps me wind down and it reduces my stress levels. Thanks to that, I sleep so much better.

Kristin Husa
56, Health educator, Moss, Norway