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I have taped my mouth shut at night for four years and don’t want to stop

As a dentist since 35 years, I discovered Conscious Breathing four years ago when my assistant brought me to a lecture. Ever since then, I have taped my mouth shut at night and I can’t sleep without it. If I don’t tape it shut, I wake up because my mouth and throat feel dry. I have also noticed that those of my patients who breathe nasally don’t get as much tooth tartar as those who breathe through their mouths.

My patients who have sleep apnea and problems with snoring often completely rid themselves of their (and their partner’s) problems with the help of Sleep Tape at night. When I want to make it extra special, I gargle coconut oil after brushing my teeth, then tape my mouth shut, and I’ll wake up with a pleasantly vital tongue and cheeks next morning.

Children who breathe through their mouths risk gaining an excessively narrow upper jaw, as the tongue doesn’t occupy the palate. This can easily cause narrow nasal passages, which can aggravate allergies, ear problems, and polyps behind the nose. These children could benefit from learning to breathe nasally, which is most easily achieved by the nightly application of Sleep Tape.

Anders Olsson has led us to a major and interesting area of health. Thank you, Anders!

Erik Davidsson
dentist, Farsta, Sweden
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