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Conscious Breathing has Changed My Life

My life has changed since I came in touch with Conscious Breathing. I cannot get my head around why there is not a greater focus on breathing. I mean breathing is the most vital function in order to stay alive whatsoever. I am working on breathing correctly and it has given me a new life. I tape my mouth at night which makes me sleep calmly and peacefully. When I wake up I feel rested and my body is revitalized.

As an athletic old man, it is obvious that you don’t get faster or smoother over the years. Breathing with my stomach and through my nose removes the lactic acid in the muscles during running, cycling, skiing and rollerskiing. It is magical – I feel like I’m a teenager again. (Imagine if I had mastered this skill when I was at my peak level.)

Colds and rheum have completely vanished

Thanks to my breathing I can handle my everyday stress so much better. Colds and rheum have vanished from my life. You only need to hum a little bit to completely kill what otherwise might had taken over the body.

I am so grateful for the opportunity to be a part of this journey. It is amazing that I can ask a question and Anders takes the time to answer. I talk about Conscious Breathing to everyone who is interested.

Thanks again! An old man rocking.

Göran Pettersson
60, Sörmland, Sweden