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My breathing pauses at night are almost completely gone

When I fell asleep driving and almost died, I decided to check my sleep habits. I had 37 breathing pauses an hour and immediately acquired a CPAP mask. Normally, the delivery time was 3 months, but I got it in a couple of days. I was very happy when I got my mask, but after eight years use I was so tired of it I would have given half a million just to get rid of it. Instead, it was enough to spend 35 bucks on a Relaxator and a little tape.

A friend of mine introduced me to the Relaxator, and I didn’t have any faith in it at all. I decided to try it for 10-20 minutes per day anyway since it fit into my morning routine. After five months, I was down to eight pauses per hour. With my doctor’s approval I quit using the CPAP mask. The first night without the mask I taped my mouth shut instead.

It has now been half a year since I quit using the mask and I wake up chipper and rested. Who would have imagined that our breathing can have such a major impact? I am COMPLETELY sold on the tape and even use it when I drive.