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Exhibition in Oslo was a success

Recently, Conscious Breathing exhibited at a health fair in Oslo. Breathing Instructor Lisa Korsgren has successfully been spreading Conscious Breathing in Norway during the last year. Lisa has a background in healthcare and is a trained anesthetist and psychiatric nurse. Since this was the first time we had a stand at an exhibition in Norway, we didn’t know what to expect, but to our delight, there was great interest in our products and services, both at the stand as well as during the breathing workshops. The feedback was very positive, both from customers with experience of our products in the past, and also from the customers who came in touch with Conscious Breathing for the first time. Here are some experiences visitors to our booth and activities had:

Calming effect when ingesting food while exhaling

A visitor decided to eat his lunch at our booth. He was a typical type-A personality, squeezing the food down through his throat like he was participating in some sort of eating-as-fast-as-you-can competition. When I told him, he nodded and laughed and said he was all too aware of this bad habit. I gave him a tip to only take food into his mouth while exhaling at the same time. He thought it was a fantastic experience, as it slowed down his eating and immediately made him calm.

Mouth breather fell in love with the tape

An 11-year-old boy bought the Relaxator Breathing Retrainer and the next day he came back with his friend, who then also bought a Relaxator. They liked the Relaxator so much that they had them in their mouths and were breathing through them while walking around at the exhibition. For these active young boys, the calming effect was what they liked so much, and they even intended to use it at school. “But don’t you think you will be bullied if using it at school,” I asked? He just shook his head and said with confidence, “Well if someone does, I will just reply saying that at least I can breathe.”

Mouth breather fell in love with the tape

A woman, who attended one of my workshops, had her mouth open all the time. At the end of the lecture, I handed out some Sleep Tape so that everyone got a chance to tape their mouth. Apparently, she liked the effect very much because when she came to our booth a while later, her mouth was still taped. Humming and pointing, she bought a few products, before going back out into the crowd of exhibition attendees, still wearing the Sleep Tape.

Sales person sold on the concept

One exhibitor was so excited about the Relaxator/Sleep Tape and the easy-to-understand physiological explanations about the stress-reducing effects he felt, that he physically almost dragged 4-5 people to our booth with the words, “This is so good, you have to try it!”

Interview: Wisdom of North

I met Jannecke Øinæs, who runs Wisdom of North, which is a popular Youtube channel. She has done more than 300 interviews, with over 2.5 million views, with well-known people from royalty to Bruce Lipton, Byron Katie, Gregg Braden and others. Jannecke became very curious about Conscious Breathing, and we decided that she should do one or more interviews with me.

Nose breathing during exercise gave a woman a new life

At our booth, we explained to a woman the benefits of breathing through the nose while exercising. The next day she came back and told me she had been able to do almost an entire workout with just nasal breathing. She was not tired afterward and felt she could easily have done the same workout once again. She said the experience was so profound that she felt like she got a new life!

Our experiences at the exhibition in Oslo, were not such a surprise to us, as we know well the profound changes that people experience when they try Conscious Breathing techniques, use the Relaxator or apply Sleep Tape. However, it was very rewarding to see so many people who were positively affected by their experiences with Conscious Breathing. Our hope is to continue to change the lives of as many people as we can, one breath at a time.

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