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Make your own facial and head bath with carbon dioxide

Since last fall, I and my American colleague Steve have tried out making different types of facial and head baths containing carbon dioxide. As you can see in the pictures, we have tried to be creative. We have, at least, had a lot of fun during the try-outs. An optimal carbon dioxide pressure in the body is very important for us to function in the best possible way. More info can be found in this article – Carbon dioxide pressure more important than blood pressure >>

During facial and head baths, carbon dioxide is absorbed through the skin and gives rise to three important effects: a) the blood vessels are widened, b) the blood becomes more fluid so that it can flow more easily, and c) the oxygen molecules are kicked away from the blood—which is called the Bohr effect after the discoverer the Dane Christian Bohr—so that the oxygen can go into the cells and be useful.

When we absorb carbon dioxide through the skin, it will, thus, lead to both better blood circulation and more efficient oxygenation, which means that our cells and organs can get the amount of oxygen they want and produce lots of energy efficiently. Even those parts of the body that are rigid and tense and have blockages, so that the blood normally has a hard time getting through, can be exposed to blood thanks to the positive effect of carbon dioxide on microcirculation. And not only that, on the way back to the heart, the blood will also bring waste products to be expelled during exhalation.

Of our nearly 50,000 billion cells, half of these, or about 25,000 billion cells, are made up of blood cells. The blood cells serve our cells in muscles, liver, skin, brain and so on, and their main task is to provide these cells with nutrition and oxygen and to remove waste products.

The active ingredient in hot springs is carbon dioxide

Bathing in hot mineral springs is a well proven way to improve skin problems and poor circulation, as it has been found that these springs contain large amounts of carbon dioxide. Artificial mineral springs, where extra carbon dioxide has been added into the ordinary water, have been created to help achieve the same effects as a natural mineral spring. Both natural and artificial carbon dioxide baths are common in Germany and Japan and are used to cure skin problems caused by eczema, psoriasis and severe diabetes.

As the body’s carbon dioxide content rises, the blood vessels are expanded so that the blood circulation is increased. According to a Japanese review of available studies, artificial carbon dioxide baths give effects similar to baths in natural hot springs. Although hot springs also contain many different minerals, the researchers behind the study believe that it is primarily the high carbon dioxide level that gives rise to the positive effects.

A German study shows that an average of 30 milliliters of carbon dioxide per minute is absorbed through the skin. It provides an additional supplement of about 10-12 percent to the amount of carbon dioxide of 250 milliliters per minute that the body normally produces while resting.

Make your own facial and head bath with carbon dioxide

Over the years, I have tried out different types of homemade carbon dioxide baths on a large number of occasions, from immersing my whole body in a bathtub to only having my feet in a footbath. Maybe it is just due to ordinary mid-life crisis, but anyway, I have spent the last six months trying to dip my face and head into carbon dioxide. I have been thinking that, perhaps, this can do something about gray hair, baldness and wrinkles.?

After some 80 baths, I honestly do not know, but I was, at least, not sorry when a woman from a neighboring company said that I looked like 27 years old or when my hairdresser of many years told me, “Those baths you are taking, continue with them!” And I also did not feel downcast when a friend from San Francisco said that his wife has been taking a facial bath every morning for a number of weeks and thinks that “the results are incredible.”.

So how to do it then? Here is my protocol:


  • Locate a large bowl that your face will fit into.
  • Obtain 1.5 liters of mineral water or
  • You can buy a soda stream machine and make your own carbon dioxide water. Two large bottles will give a total of about 1.5 liters of water. Usually, five slow pressures are needed to fill a bottle with carbon dioxide with a soda machine. This may, however, vary depending on the water quality. For example, at my brother’s, who has his own well, no more than four pressures are needed.
  • Use cold water. Hot water cannot retain as much carbon dioxide (which is why it is not that good to drink hot soda or hot beer).
  • Set a timer to six minutes
  • Extra tip (not necessary): Massage your face to get the circulation going. Physical activity before or, if you are a man, shaving before are two other tips on how to get the circulation in your face going.
  • Pour the water into the bowl, start the timer, exhale and, then, put your face into the water.
  • This is not a competition. When you need to breathe, just raise your face, take a few breaths and, then, put your face into the water again.
  • It may prickle or smart a bit in your nose, but just hang in there, and it will usually stop pretty quickly.
  • If the carbon dioxide bubbles start to diminish after a while, you can move your head back and forth a bit, as it stimulates the formation of more carbon dioxide.

After a facial bath, my skin feels soft and fresh.


I have the head bath immediately after the facial bath, but the two baths can also be done separately. For the head bath, do the same as when taking a facial bath PLUS:

  • Stand on a stool to get a good angle when dipping your head.
  • Massage your head beforehand (though this is not absolutely necessary).
  • Chew on chewing gum while bathing to stimulate the bones in your skull and the craniosacral rhythm. I use a chewing gum called Falim. It is from Turkey, and I have bought it on Ebay. The chewing gum is free of taste and unnatural ingredients. (This step is not necessary.)
  • If you are taking the head bath immediately after the facial bath, you will probably need to add some bicarbonate and ascorbic acid to form more carbon dioxide. In that case, I start with about 0.5-1 teaspoon of bicarbonate so that it starts to bubble. After a few minutes, when the bubbles start to subside, I will add about 0.5-1 teaspoon of ascorbic acid. After another couple of minutes, I will, again, add 0.5-1 teaspoon of bicarbonate and, finally, a few minutes later 0.5-1 teaspoon of ascorbic acid.

A head bath will give you a wonderful feeling of calmness.

Hopefully, you’ll find bathing your face and head in mineral water on a regular basis a very a relaxing and rejuvenating experience that will leave you with softer and smoother skin and hair, and maybe you may even enjoy a more youthful appearance!

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