Number 2 - 2021


  1. Product launch – BodyStream Carbon Dioxide Dry Bath
  2. Book – Carbon Dioxide in Medicine | Dr. Achilles Rose
  3. Testimonial – Wow, the bags under my eyes are GONE!
  4. Podcast – Next Generation Cancer Treatment | Dr. Daniel Thomas
  5. Testimonial – This is the best period I've ever had
Hi !

We are very excited to launch our first new product in over seven years – The BodyStream Carbon Dioxide Dry Bath. Many people who tried it, have noticed positive results like reduced pain, more relaxation, better sleep, more energy, improved circulation, and nicer-looking skin.

✅ Here is one example I got recently from a medical doctor (oncology) from Italy, who wrote: "When I tried the CO2 bath I felt a pain in my arm, however, it was gone before getting out of the bath. It felt like my arm was healing in the bath. I do indoor climbing (bouldering) and I've had inflammation (epicondylitis) in this area in my arm for seven months before the bath. After the CO2 bath, I immediately checked with my UltraSound device (a high-end €40,000 device) and noticed a lot less water and reduced signs of inflammation in the area, which confirmed that healing had taken place. Today, four days later, I climbed again. On the VAS scale (Visual Analog Scale), which goes from 0 to 10, my pain has been about 4-5/10 when using the arm in the last four months. Today it was only 1!"

✅ Another example is from Katia Trost in Germany, an author, and licensed naturopath: "I have had some spider veins on my ankles since I was a child (runs in the family). Since I use the BodyStream (2 x week) they are much less visible." Katia's colleague Ulrike is also a licensed naturopath, and she says: "I had thick and swollen legs. I used the BodyStream once and they were gone and haven't come back, which is several months ago."

✅ Bud Weiss, a Buteyko Practitioner from New York, is also kind enough to share his experience: "Using the BodyStream regularly 3-4 times a week has reduced the swelling in my lower legs dramatically. I no longer need to use the squeezers I had been using. Last year, at the age of 82, I began to have some crepey skin on my arms, especially the areas under my arms. It has reduced significantly and the skin tone is getting better and better."

Please feel free to join our Facebook group, where you can ask questions and share experiences about breathing. Finally, I'd like to mention that you can now pay with Bitcoin, Litecoin, or other altcoins when you purchase products on our website.

Product Launch: BodyStream CO2 dry bath

Product Launch: BodyStream CO2 Dry Bath

BodyStream allows you to experience the powerful healing therapy of carbon dioxide. When you take the BodyStream CO2 Dry Bath, the first thing you will notice is warmth across your entire body as the CO2 starts to enter your skin and creates vasodilation. It is the vasodilation that gives you the feeling of warmth.

The heart will have to work less hard to pump the blood through your circulatory system, and this will activate the parasympathetic nervous system, which creates a state of relaxation throughout the entire body. Many people report feeling very relaxed and will even fall asleep while using the BodyStream.

The vasodilation caused by the carbon dioxide will allow greater blood flow to the cells. Greater blood flow to the cells means increased oxygen delivery and improved removal of waste products.
Carbon Dioxide in Medicine | Dr. Achilles Rose

Carbon Dioxide in Medicine

Carbon Dioxide in Medicine was published already in 1905. At the time of publishing, Dr. Achilles Rose and his colleagues had already given carbon dioxide to their patients for more than 20 years. The book is a fascinating read and a great testimony to the success of carbon dioxide treatments.

The first part of the book discusses the history of carbon dioxide in therapeutics as well as the physiology and chemistry of respiration before talking about the effect on treating health issues like anemia, asthma, emphysema, open wounds, impotence, and some gynecogolocial issues, with carbon dioxide.

"It has already been mentioned that carbon dioxide baths have been recommended in affections of the nervous system in general, as, for instance, hypochondria, hysteria, neuralgia, peripheral paralyses, and in combination with gymnastics, in disorders of circulation. The rational application of carbon dioxide gas baths or douches can be of service in the treatment of some forms of impotence and in many gynecological affections."
Testimonial Victoria Heaps

Wow, the bags under my eyes are GONE!

Let me start by telling you what I am NOT. I am not a believer. I need to have things proven to me before I believe. I do not do fitness, new age, meditation, yoga-mumbo jumbo. Apologies to those who do, I am sure you benefit greatly from it – it is just not for me.

I am not someone who exercises. Not at all. I am by far the laziest person you will ever meet. I am not someone who cooks. All my life I have lived off of cookies, cakes, sandwiches, and coffee with obscene amounts of sugar in it. I kid you not. I am rather uninterested in food as a whole. This is why I have trouble with circulation.

Two days after the bath I ventured into the bathroom in the morning to have a shower – saw myself in the mirror and nearly fainted! The bags under my eyes were GONE! I have had dark circles and bags under my eyes since I was 13 – now all the puffiness had vanished! The darkness was still visible – but the swollen, puffy under-eye bags were nowhere to be seen. Like winning the lottery!
Next Generation Cancer Treatment | Dr. Daniel Thomas

Next Generation Cancer Treatment | Dr. Daniel Thomas

In Episode 4 of the Conscious Breathing Podcast with Steve Scott, Dr. Daniel Thomas shows us the next-generation strategies he is successfully using with his cancer patients who come from all over the world to get treatment from him at his medical clinic in Orlando, Florida, USA.

Dr. Thomas is a highly educated, experienced, and forward-thinking physician. For over 30 years, he has helped people all over the world by providing innovative solutions to reverse disease, improve mental and physical vigor, and increase lifespan. His expertise is in the practical application of cutting-edge biomedical research. Dr. Thomas spends 20-30 hours a week poring over the latest scientific literature in search of promising therapeutic strategies.

In this show, he goes over his 8 step treatment protocol. You’ll learn why the most aggressive tumors are hypoxic and how carbon dioxide treatments may be an effective tool in the battle against cancer.
Testimonial Maria Atlee BodyStream

The best period I've ever had!

"On day 1 of my period, I was crying like a baby with the worst cramps I've had in a while. I was cramping pretty badly throughout the day. I used a heat pack, which helped a little, but not that much. Later that evening I took my first BodyStream bath and after 5-10 minutes in the BodyStream, all of my cramps went away, including my back cramps.

It took about 15 mins after the BodyStream to feel any cramps and they were very, very mild. The next day the cramps were almost non-existent. The only reason I knew I had my period was because I was bleeding. I usually cramp pretty badly for 2-3 days or so, before they start calming down. I literally felt cramps twice now today and they were so mild and quick! Like a split second and gone! I'm amazed.

It also helps me with my moodiness and crankiness, as I don't feel irritable or angry. Instead, I feel really calm, which is not a normal thing for me. Normally I also bleed pretty bad, but this time I had a lot less bleeding than normal. And instead of 7-8 days, my period only lasted five days. THIS IS THE BEST PERIOD EVER!"
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