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Warm welcome to The Breath Pod. Here I share my thoughts, reflections and experiences in written format as well as in audio and video format. I hope they could inspire you on the winding paths of your life.

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Some important events in my life

I’ve become a daddy twice and been deeply in love several times. Those are amazing experiences that I’m very grateful that I have experienced since it has enrichened my life on many different levels. This is of course nothing unusual, on the contrary, but what I’d like to share below are some other important events in my life. In a profound way those events have made me realize a) how much energy fear takes, b) the intelligence of our body, c) the importance of being able to see the thruth and accept it, d) the power inherited in our breath, e) the power of forgiveness and f) my life purpose.


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Anders Olsson is a lecturer, teacher and founder of the Conscious Breathing concept and the author of Conscious Breathing. After living most of his life with a ”hurricane of thoughts” bouncing back and forth in is head, Anders was fortunate enough to come across tools that have helped him relax and find his inner calm. The most powerful of these tools has undoubtedly been to improve his breathing habits, which made Anders decide to become the worlds most prominent expert in breathing. This is now more than 10 years ago and since then he has helped tens of thousands of people to a better health and improved quality of life.

Anders Olsson

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